Mr. Budisch's Spring Lights

Each day is a new chance to grow and learn

All School Assembly, check out the video too! is the link to check out the assembly video we had this past Wednesday. Ms. Kohnert, our school counselor, used video clips and photos of the kids playing to help them understand the rules of 4-square, kickball, and football. Included were ideas about showing good sportsmanship when playing with others. Examples of what to say and how to act rounded out the 25 minutes we spent with the children. We hope to have a safe and fun playground during each of our recesses for the remainder of the year.

A bulletin board of good thoughts. . . . .

Below you will find more examples of the concepts about how we encourage the kids to behave and use the Merton Way. Schools are often accused of not addressing issues like how to be kind, how to think of others first, or how to stand up for each other. Bullying and fights carry the news. Here you will see how our students learned about friendship and kindness with different activities. Ms. Kohnert meets with the students one time per month, yet sure gets the most our that time. The friendship recipes and random acts of kindness support our ActNow program.
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Reading and searching in our library

Our school emphasizes the value of reading as often as we can and our library is one of the places where kids enjoy looking for recreational reading opportunities. Please see the photos that illustrate how the kids make the library work for them. The computers are used to find books by title, author, and subject. The kids then scan the bar code on their own to check out the books. I am very proud of our young readers and the good choices they make.

Spring Break

The long-awaited spring break begins on Friday, April 18th. There is still plenty to learn during the four days of school next week and we will expect the kids to give it their best. Providing homework for students who leave for vacation before Friday is not part of our program. We appreciate that no requests are made as there is no substitute for the children being in class with their teacher.

Severe Weather Week

Our state annually sets a week to raise awareness for severe weather and tornadoes. This year, the week occurs while we are on break. As a result, we will be holding our tornado watch/warning drill on Thursday, April 17th, around 1:30 PM. Both schools will be providing a chance for our students to practice this procedure. Mr. Posick and I wanted you to know.

Pack-er Up with Goodwill

This is a reminder about the Goodwill Company's event to bring in slightly used clothing and household items to their stores. We can then be in the running for Donald Driver to visit our schools and donate his books as well. Great way to do some spring cleaning and donate as well. Thanks for your support.

Culver's Night

Hey everyone! Next Wednesday, April 16th, it is Merton Night at Culver's in Hartland, from 5-8:00 PM. The PTO will appreciate your support! Thanks so much. Look for the link in the Friday Flyer.