Quetzal News

May 3, 2023

From Ms. O's Desk

Dear Quetzal Families,

I am so excited to share with you that over 50 Mistral students participated in the Math Kangaroo competition. Five of our students had scores placing them in the top 30 nationwide, and one of our students, Eira Parekh (Grade 3)'s score placed her 2nd nationwide, earning her a silver medal and some extra Math Kangaroo prizes. We want to congratulate her and our other four amazing mathematicians:

  • Quinn Soland (Grade 2)
  • Ansel Patterson (Grade 3)
  • Emitt Poskey (Grade 4)
  • Vyas Chandramouli (Grade 5)

I also want to thank the Parekh family, and all other parents who help and supported this challenge and wonderful opportunity!

In addition to this, three of our third graders were finalist at the Film Festival: Adele Zuber, Ashley Corona, and Nora Stenberg. Ashley Corona was final winner for our third graders. Congratulations to these three amazing girl. Thank you, Maestra Carolina and Maestra Valdez for your support with this project.

We are looking for a new board for School Site Council (SSC) for next school year. School Site Council has 10 members, 5 parents and 5 staff, including the Principal. The SSC meets monthly during the school year to monitor the budget, review academic progress, and discuss the school's site plan. SSC parents bring questions to the group, where responses are provided, issues are studied, and actions are taken. Members are elected for 2-year terms, but all meetings are open to the public. This is a great opportunity for you to participate actively in the decision making of your child's education. Please email me if you are interested in running for this office.

This summer, our school will have Measure T projects starting. Please visit this Postcard link to learn more about the new window installations, public restroom and locked gates as part of the perimeter control systems.

I hope you have a great rest of your week.

In partnership,

Claudia Olaciregui, Principal


April 24-May 5

  • 3rd to 5th Grade State Testing (CAASPP)
May 3
  • School Site Council Meeting @5pm
May 11
  • Reclassification Ceremony @ Crittenden 5pm
May 17
  • Cafecito @6pm
May 24
  • PTA General Meeting @ 6pm
May 29
  • Memorial Day - No School

June 5

  • 5th Grade Promotion 2 8:20am in the MUR


Cafecito con el Superintendente on Wednesday, May 3, 5:30 pm

This is an informal meeting for Spanish-speaking parents. Translation will be provided. Please register in advance for this meeting by clicking here: http://ow.ly/GV7A50NVCZJ

The Board of Trustees will meet on Thursday, May 4 at 5:00 p.m.

Some of the topics include:

  • Resolutions for Teacher and Classified Staff Appreciation weeks

For meeting details and agenda, please click here: https://www.mvwsd.org/trustees.

Superintendent's Community Check In on Friday, May 5

Please join us for our Community Check-In with Dr. Ayindé Rudolph on Friday, May 5 at 3:30 p.m. Bring your questions. Spanish interpretation will be provided. Click here to register: http://ow.ly/AnC450NVywk

Senior Citizens/SSI recipients: Apply Now For Tax exemption!
Homeowners aged 65 or older, and residents who qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)/ Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) may be eligible for an exemption for their principal residence from Measure B/the parcel tax. For application and details, visit http://ow.ly/7lWA50NNofr

Free and Low Cost Summer Programs

Summer is around the corner, so it’s time to explore ways to keep your children engaged when school ends! Check out InPlayKid’s free online search service sponsored by Santa Clara County and our school district. You’ll find thousands of local and affordable programs that will challenge, inspire, and entertain your children to minimize summer brain drain. https://www.inplay.org/r/mountain-view

Health and Wellness Parenting tip: Autism Awareness Month

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we must understand and bond with our children to maintain a close connection. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that starts early in life. It affects social communication and interaction and is accompanied by repeating and narrow patterns of behavior or interests. As parents, we are a part of our child’s treatment.

To learn more parenting tips, click here.

Here are some ASD signs to look for:

  1. Mobility. Examples of mobility can include but are not limited to, using only a few gestures (waving, clapping, pointing), unusual ways of moving the hands, fingers, or whole body, and rituals such as repeating things over and over or lining up objects

  1. Sensory Sensitivity. Sensory sensitivity includes, but is not limited to, delayed speech, not responding when someone calls their name, being very focused or attached to unusual objects, and unique sensory interests

  1. Interpersonal difficulties. Interpersonal difficulties can include avoiding eye contact, not sharing enjoyment or interests with others, little to no imitating others or pretending, forming friendships, and not knowing how to act in different social situations

No two people with ASD have the same signs and symptoms. Many things, such as language delays, thinking and learning problems, and behavioral challenges, can play a role. For this reason, autism is described as a "spectrum."

These tips came directly from the free online website of Nemours Children’s Health, reviewed by Dr.Treadwell-Deering, MD.

To view more resources on parenting and other topics, click here.

CHAC Summer Sessions For Students

CHAC is offering fee-based classes in July for students covering topics such as healthy friendships, anxiety management and play-based social-emotional learning. For more information, see the attached flyers or click on bit.ly/43CAfe9

The View Teen Center: May Events

The View Teen Center is a free facility in Mountain View (263 Escuela Ave) for all Mountain View and Los Altos 6th - 12th grade students. The center is open Monday through Friday: 3:30 - 7 p.m. and Saturday: 1 - 6 p.m, and features a game room, makerspace, kitchen, computer/study room, outdoor area, and much more! See attached flyer for details about the upcoming events and programs in May or visit their webpage for more information.