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Juliet is the female protagonist and one of two title characters in William Shakespeare's' romantic love tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is the only daughter of the Capulet. She lived with her wealthy family in Verona, Italy headed by old Capulet and his wife. She was their only child and was thought of as a gift from heaven.

In Juliet's first scene she's obedient and lacks experience in the world, which makes her dependent on her nurse. She is rebellious of her mother's request of marrying at a young age to a gentleman like her father.

Juliet was born July 31. She was on fair complexion with long dark brown hair. Being from Italy her pale skin stood out more to others.

Juliet's parents, mostly her mother wanted her to get married at a young age and she protested. The Count Paris is the bystander unwittingly mixed up in the drama between the families. (Capulet's and Montague's) Paris asked Capulet for her hand. Juliet has no interest in becoming a wife or mother. In the end of the book she kills herself.

Interesting Facts

  • No one knows exactly how old Juliet is.
  • In most of the cinematic of Romeo and Juliet she has long hair, mostly brown and is very pale.

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