Canadian Demography

Made by Aun Taqvi

In this assignment I'm going to show a demography of Canada's population in the year 2050. I am also going to include the demography of previous decades and today population.

Todays population

The population of Canada today is over 35 million people and its still growing today. The reasons for that is because unlike lots of other country's in the world Canada has a good survival rate, about 8.2 deaths/1000 people and 10.28 births/1000 people. The reason for this is because the infant mortality rate is 2.4 deaths/1000 births which is really good.

Why is Canadas population growing today

  • The population of Canada today is over 35 million people and is still growing today. There are many reasons why Canada's population is growing. Some reasons are that Canada has a good health care systems, not only is it really good but it is also free so anyone can have free health care. That applies to everyone in Canada. Not only does this help the citizens of Canada but it also attracts people from other countries to immigrate to Canada. this helps increases Canada's immigration rate, which is about 5.65 migrant/1000 people. Another reason why Canada's population is growing is because there is a good infant mortality rate, the infant morality rate is 2.4 deaths/1000 births. Although it is slowly going down. the birth rate is about 10.28 births/1000 people and the death rate is about 8.2 deaths/1000 people, unfortunately the births/year is decreasing and deaths/year is increasing.

Net migration graph

Infant mortality graph

Death rate graph

Birth rate graph

Canada's massive growth in 1946-1960

In the years of 1946-1960 there was a massive population growth. There were many things that influenced this population growth, for example how the immigration rate grew but more importantly how the birth rate grew.

The first nation people

Many decades ago first nation people had a difficult time staying in Canada because of things like war. nowadays Canada has a good partnership with the first nation people, this collaboration is helping the first nations build bigger and better economies, education, human rights, and even more.

The first nation people in the future

How will the first nation people grow in the future? Today the first nation people are growing because of the partnership with Canada. If this partnership stays till the year 2050, i predict that the first nation people will have equal amount of human rights like the Canadian citizens. I also predict that the first nation people's culture will spread out to Canada more and so will their population.

How will Canada's population be in the year 2050

The way Canada is growing today is steady, if things stay the same Canada's population will grow but at a slow rate compared to previous decades. i predict that Canada's population is going to be between 40 million to 45 million. There are many reason for that, for example Canada's birth rates are slowly going down
Another reason why the population is going to go slow down is because, the baby boomers of world war 2(which is 1/3 of Canada's population) probably won't survive till the year 2050. This also means that there will be more old people then young.
Andrew Ramlo on Canada's Demographic Shift


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