This Is How You Eat!!

eat healthy


A variety is when you just cant choose one,for example;you always eat the same fruit all the time.You cant do that, because you need to eat other fruits to get different vitamins and minerals.


If you look at the picture you will see that the plate is separated into different parts. We need all of them to make a balance in our life.For example if I only eat protein like meat I wouldn't get the vitamins and minerals I need from fruits and vegetables.So you need to eat at lest one food from each food group.

Portion Size

If you have a deck of cards,the size of the deck is the size of protein you need in a serving size.A baseball is the size of how much vegetables you need in a serving. Its simple!


If you eat lots of sweets you need moderation that means that when you eat a sweet every once in awhile not all the time its not bad.So you should stay off empty calories or sweets.

My Days Menu


Egg and bacon sandwich:egg,bacon,cheese,

and on whole wheat bread. With water.

Snack #1

Apple slices with a wheat muffin.



on wheat bread with fruit and vegetable juice.

Snack #2

Peanut butter crackers,with water.


Chicken,potatoes,green beans,spinach,

and milk.


Kiwi,with some toast.
Top 10 Healthiest Foods