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How do you "POP SEE KOO"? The annual Chandler talent show is the end of January this year, so we thought it would be fun to video teams doing their own version of "POP SEE KOO" on Tuesday, December 8th. It's comfy clothes day, something fun, and you just know your students will LOVE IT! Thank you, Jamee, for being willing to video.
Pop See Koo


Don't forget to send the Penguin Patch envelopes home on Monday!

Please remember (if you want to provide input) to take the 2016-17 Calendar Survey by 12/11:

It isn't too early to begin taking things home for the winter break such as plants and food items not stored in "tupperware" like containers. Please check the refrigerator to make sure you don't have anything "growing" in there!


Monday - Sunshine Donuts, Door Contest Winners Announced

Tuesday - Sunshine Comfy Clothes, Penguin Patch

Wednesday - Sunshine Sonic Drinks, Penguin Patch, Simulation Training - all staff except DEAR

Thursday - Sunshine - Comfy Clothes, Penguin Patch, Tim Tingle Author (See times below)

Friday - Sunshine Leave Early, PTA Cookie Exchange

Author/Storyteller Tim Tingle be here Thursday, December 10th. He will be in the gym and we’ll follow the schedule below.

8:30-9:15 Kindergarten

9:30-10:30 – 1st-2nd grades

10:45-11:45 – 5th-6th grades

1:00-2:00 – 3rd-4th grades


The teachers at Chandler Elementary truly go above and beyond to ensure that they keep interest, engagement and depth of learning high by working in high performing collaborative teams. The above are just a few pics of great things happening in classrooms!


January 29th is "Math a Big Deal" in the Chandler gym. Ordinarily, I would not schedule anything that interferes with Cheetah Challenge, but seeing that this is focused on math content, the experience should be very engaging and beneficial academically. Please not the schedule that Donna has put on the calendar:

8:40 - 18 Volunteer station facilitators check in

8:55-9:40 - Third Grade

9:50-10:35 - Fourth Grade

10:35-11:20 - Fifth Grade

11:20-11:50 - Lunch break switch out volunteers if needed

12:15-1:00 - Kindergarten

1:00-1:45 - Second Grade

1:45-2:30 First Grade

Math a Big Deal


The fun lunch was a great success! Thanks to everyone for pitching in and making it so awesome!
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