Gator Gazette

Expect Success for All!

What does it mean to you to be a Gator?

I am feeling slightly nostalgic today so please bare with me. I can remember being a young naïve little girl back in 2001. I was newly married and ready to make a huge difference in this world. I decided to pack up my bags, get in a U-Haul, move to Texas and start teaching. God bless Mrs. Fleischman. She took a chance and hired me over the phone. Now here I am. Back where I started. It is funny to me how life takes you back to your roots. I think about the times I had as a teacher at Gardens and have many fond memories that I cherish. Were there ever struggles for me as a teacher? Absolutely! One thing you need to know, that no matter how tired I was or how down I felt there was one constant...I knew had 20-22 students who were always waiting for me to teach them an academic or life lesson. I had to always put on that smile and be the professional they needed me to be. You know how it goes. We are not just a teacher. We are our students' parents. Their counselor. Someone they can laugh or cry with. You are their referee and much, much more. I can also remember my last day at Gardens as a teacher. That was a very sad day in my world and in the world of my students. It broke my heart to leave the classroom. It was all that I knew and it was what I was good at. One thing never left me throughout my adventures to other campuses. My heart still belonged to Gardens and I was still a Gator. That Gator spirit of family, camaraderie, professionalism, perseverance, and collaboration (while having a laugh or two in between) never left me. Those traits are the traits I learned as a young naïve girl at Gardens. That is what being a Gator has meant to me. I love this school and I am sooo passionate about our students and community. I think the world of my teachers and all of my staff. Your job is not an easy job. Your task this week is to be nostalgic with me. Share your story about how you became a Gator and why you chose to work at this campus. Tell someone what it means to you to be a Gator because you should be proud to be a Gator. I am. :)

Karen Hickman is coming on Tuesday

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Karen Hickman is coming this Tuesday to meet with all of the certified staff to present the rubric for the reconstitution plan. Please be flexible. I will need to pull paras to help cover classes. We will meet in the data room. Here is the schedule:

12:30-1:05 - All special ed staff - Shauna, Marina, Tara and Tyra

1:05-1:45 - PK and Kinder Teachers - Stefanie and Yvonne, please have your paras cover your classroom. Laura Hernandez will cover Parker. Iris Pequeno will cover Towe. Eva Gonzalez will cover Duran. Zayra Juarez will cover Grizzaffi. A PF will cover Martinez-Salinas.

1:45-2:00 - Rebecca Bright

2:05 - PE and Fine Arts - Sharon, Danielle, Mary and Kady

2:20 - PFs - Andrea and Norma

2:40 - Counselor, nurse and DAIT - Liliana, Sylvia and Sharon

3:00 - Librarian - Vilma

3:30 - Grades 1-4


On Monday, I need you to swing by the art room and bring your netbooks to Kady Deaton so she can check them off your inventory. Mary Black has graciously offered to help out by keeping both classes in music on Monday. There will be no art class on Monday because of this. We will need to collect the netbooks before we move but not at this time.

Gator Celebrations

She did it! Sandra Munoz comes to work each day with a positive and upbeat attitude. That is helpful and amazing!

She did it! Maria Baez has helped out the cafeteria staff during their new kitchen orientation meetings. That is supportive and helpful.

They did it! The Gardens Staff has been working diligently to shift the culture and climate of the campus by being supportive and kind to their colleagues. That is amazing and tremendous!

If you have a fellow colleague you would like to share good things that you notice, please send their names my way.

Where are we?

Lindsey - Out Tuesday in the morning at math cross campus visits.

Out Wednesday all day at a principal meeting.

Cindy - Out Thursday at an intervention meeting,

This and That

Monday - College shirt and jeans

Tuesday - College shirt and jeans or patriotic shirt and jeans

Tutorials cancelled due to Hickman's visit

Veteran's Day program at 6:00 (We need to move our 2:00 Tuesday

performance due to Hickman's visit. Stay tuned for a new date and time.)

College night for PISD

Progress reports go home

Wednesday - College Shirt without jeans

First official day of tutorials

Chloe's Tales

PTA superhero or PJ dress up day

Thursday - College Shirt without jeans

PK report cards go home

Thanksgiving lunches begin! Preorder your ticket

Friday - College or spirit shirt with jeans

2nd grade field trip

Thanksgiving lunches end

Things to remember:

1. The library is shut down due to Vilma packing up all of her books and materials.

2. Purge and pack! I threw out three carts loads of materials this weekend & it felt good!

3. The food drive is going on. Please donate a can or two of nonperishable food items.

4. Join PTA. They do so much for our campus. They pay for our field trips. Show that you support them by joining PTA. It is not too late!

5. Remember to come prepared to your team meetings. It is expected that you read the standards clarification pages prior to any meeting so you can come with ideas for anchor charts, stations, etc.

6. I need you to update the data room with your reading levels sometime this week.