Consumer Bill Of Rights

Right to Safety

The Right Of Safety keeps consumers everywhere safe by making sure that products that should cause no harm have correct warning labels and state how to accurately be used so that no harm comes to the consumers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has authority over thousands of commercial products and powers that allow it to create performance standards, require product testing and warning labels, demanding immediate notifications if any products are defective. Some face washes, like the one in the photo gallery have warning labels on how the wash might act and what to do if it is defective. Another example is that a couple of years ago, they recalled the Easy Bake Oven, like the one in the gallery, because kids weren't using it correctly, and they were harmed.

Right To be Informed

This right says that consumer have legal rights to enough information to make intelligent product knowledge to know what they are buying.this right also states that information given by a company should always be completely truthful and finished. This aims to provide consumers with accurate information about financing,advertising,labeling, and packaging. For instance, some foods have to contain warning labels that they were made with peanuts or in a factory that makes peanuts.

Right to Choose

This right says that we,as consumers, should be able to choose which product by different brands. The federal government has ensured that we should have the availability of a healthy environment open for companies to compete through legislation. It also has limits on Patent laws and outlaw price cutting. For instance, below in the photo gallery, we have basic generic food versus brand name foods, like chips and cereals.

Right to be Heard

This right demands that consumers are able to voice complaints that a product is defective and have the issue handled efficiently and respectably. Since there is no federal agency to handle the communication between consumer and company, certain outlets are tasked with aiding consumer if communication is difficult. Federal and state attorneys are able to deal with parties that have produced a product or provided a service in an unsatisfactory way , in violation of a relevant law. McDonalds gets a lot of complaints from their service and orders that they mess up. A lot of beauty stores, like Sephora, get complaint calls if they're makeups don't match, or creams don't work as they should.

Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs

This right demands that we all have access and rights to basic and essential goods and services which include : appropriate food,clothing,shelter,healthcare,eduacation,public utilities,water, and sanitation.

Right to Consumer Education

This right has authority to make sure that consumers have the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to make informed and smart decisions about goods and services, while being aware of the basic consumer rights and responsibilities and how to act upon them. Examples of this includes schools.

Right to Redress

This right makes sure that consumers receive justified claims, including compensation for misrepresentation, shoddy goods or unsatisfactory services.

Right to a Healthy Enviroment

This right states that consumers have a right to live and work in an environment that is non-threatening to the health of the present and future generations.

Consumer Protection

Even though consumers have rights, they can easily be ignored, that's why Consumer Protection has laws in place to ensure consumer rights
By: Arianna, Danae, and Kaylee