BRIDGE Newsletter

January 2016

Upcoming Events

  • February 1st Anime Club
  • February 10th Best Buddies Valentine's Party
  • February 15th No School-President's Day

What's new in BRIDGE?

Special Olympics Basketball

By: Hunter Smith

The BRIDGE Special Olympics basketball team went to the district tournament. We played Fenton High School and Lyons Township. We won the first game against Fenton. The score was Fenton 25 points toLeyden 35 points. We lost the second game against Lyons. They scored 56 points and Leyden got 50 points. The basketball season is now over.

Anime Club

By: Eric Lagunas

Starting next week, Anime club will meet once a week. We will meet every Monday from 2:30-3:30. We are planning our first field trip. We might go to an arcade. At the end of the year we will take a picture for the yearbook.

World Readiness

By: Yulissa Becerra

In World Readiness we gave a tour to the students that go to Hester Junior High. First, we did a presentation of each class and what we do in each class. Next, we each set up stations representing Math, Science, English, Reading, and World Readiness. The students and their parents walked around and asked questions of what do we do in each class. Some of them even asked if we like this school and if the classes were helpful. Then, we walked around the school to show them the places and where they are. We also told them that there are a couple of students that work here and what kind of jobs there are and what they do at their jobs.

Teacher Spotlight: Sheila Kraft

Interview by: Alyssa Garcia

How long have you been teaching at West Leyden?

I have been teaching at West Leyden for 23 years. I did my student teaching here at Leyden and at Roy Elementary school. I started here at Leyden in December of 1992.

What is your favorite thing about the BRIDGE students?

My favorite part of working with the BRIDGE students is how friendly and accepting they are of all types of people. They are hard working and always want to learn new things. They always have great questions to ask. I always remind them, never to be afraid to ask a question, that is how we learn more about the world and the people in it.

Are there any lessons that are your favorite to teach the BRIDGE kids?

I have taught Science, Health and Home Economics for the Bridge students. I enjoy seeing my students when they get to work on hands on lab activities. They love to move around, work with their hands and try/test new things.
What is your favorite things to do outside of West Leyden?

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family. We have a very busy family schedule with all the activities my children are involved in. My husband and I enjoy watching our children compete in sports, such as soccer, basketball, softball and other interests like choir, band, and plays. I help coach their basketball and softball teams. We try to pick a date every other month to just hang out with each other at home, order pizza and watch a good family movie. That is a special night because we get to reconnect with each other and enjoy being a family.

Why did you decide to become a Teacher?

I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I could remember. I have always enjoyed working with children and seeing their faces light up when they learn something new and are excited about what they learned. Three experiences in my life helped to make my decision to be a Special Education Teacher. When about 5 years old, my mom was a bus driver for students with special needs. I would ride the bus with her after school and help her with the students on the bus. I just loved helping them and getting to know them. Each child was unique in their own way. Then, when I got into middle school, I met my best friend. Her older sister was a child with special needs. For some reason, she always seemed to want to hang out and get help from me when I would come over to visit my best friend. I enjoyed helping her and seeing her happy after I helped her with her schoolwork or playing a game with her. Finally, when I was in High School, I was starting to think about what type of teacher I wanted to be. I played a lot of sports and thought I wanted to be a PE teacher. Then I met my volleyball coach and she was a Special Education teacher. She was so cool. So I asked her if I could help in her in her classroom and observe what a special education teacher does during my study hall. She agreed to it. That experience helped me realize that my passion was to work with students with special needs. I have been a Special Education Teacher for 23 years at Leyden High School. After all these years, I can honestly say that I love coming to work everyday and enjoy working with my students.

Physical Education

By: Sebastian Hernandez

In P.E we are doing swimming. We are learning about survival skills in the pool. We are also learning how to do freestyle and backstroke. We swim for three weeks.On Wednesdays we have free swim and on Fridays we have sports day in swimming.

BRIDGE Beginnings: New Students Enter the BRIDGE Program

By: William Zamani

Hello my name is William and I am new to the BRIDGE program. I met a lot of new friends. Everyone is really nice. West Leyden High School is the best school ever. The security guards are nice to everyone. They protect the students and there is never bulling at this school. The teachers want to help you in your classes. They want you to succeed at your classes. Lunch is really great because there are 2 lines so you don’t have to worry about being late to lunch. All the clubs are cool and there is still time for everyone to join. There are a lot of sports to join. There is always time to join. You are never left out.


By: Cesar Moreno

In Literacy class we are talking about survival. We read an article about it. We saw a Man vs Wild video in Literacy. We also wrote a paragraph about survival. This is helpful because you can learn things that you didn’t know about surviving in the forest.