7th Grade ACTS Newsletter

November 17-21

Field Trip Permission Forms Past Due

We still have a few 7th graders who did not meet the deadline for turning in a permission slip to see The Nutcracker in Dec. Please complete the permission form and send it along with payment on Monday. If your child will not be participating in this field trip, please send a note or email to let us know. If you need another copy of the permission forms please go to the ACTS Webpage and print another copy.

Hairspray Jr.

The evening performances of this years play will be on Wed., Nov. 19th & Thurs., Nov. 20th. Tickets are $6 per person. Each show begins at 6:00 PM. Please come out and support our students in this very entertaining performance!

Science - Mrs. Griffin

The students will continue working in the Chemical Unit. Our focus this week will be on differentiating between compounds, mixtures and elements. We will also work with the Periodic Table. There will be a quiz on 7-5.1 and 7-5.2 on Thursday.

Science - Mrs. Sexton

We will continue our study of chemistry. We may be ready for our next test by Friday. Students already have their notes for this test and should begin studying immediately. This test will cover chemical and physical changes/properties as well as balancing chemical equations.

Please be sure your child is working on his/her Atomic Attire Project. It is due on Monday, November 24th. For every day that a project is late there will be a 10 point deduction. If you are planning for your child to be absent the week of Thanksgiving, please be sure they turn their project in by Friday prior to the due date. Thanks!

Math - Mr. Smith

7th grade math students are completing their chapter 5 test on operations with rational numbers. Period 3 had this test on Friday and period 5 has the test on Monday. Students have an extensive number of worked out practice problems to help them prepare. We will begin a more in-depth study of algebra next week starting with chapter 6.

Math - Mrs. McDaniel

We will be finishing up Chapter 5 and then preparing for our test around Thursday. Then we will be evaluating algebraic expressions.

Drama - Mrs. Keenan

7th graders finished their costume design for "Alice in Wonderland" and presented their designs to the class on Monday. Now we have started a poetry interpretation unit where every student chose hos/her own poem and will perform it like a monologue.

Art - Mr. Winchester

7th grade rotation: PBL Lesson to be decided starting next week through the start of Thanksgiving Break. This project will have an art and writing component.

7th Grade FOCUS: We will begin work on dictionary illustrations.

Voice - Mrs. Psomas

ACTS Voice Focus students will be singing for the Hospice Festival of
Trees on Saturday, December 6th at First Baptist Church Fellowship
Hall at 1:00 pm. Voice students are to meet Mrs. Psomas at 12:30 pm
at the church.

ACTS Voice Focus students will be singing for the Brewer PTSO on
Tuesday, December 9th at 6:00 pm in the school cafeteria. Students
are to meet Mrs. Psomas in the music room at 5:30 pm.

Dance - Mrs. Brewington

7th Rotation: We are well underway with choreography for "I want You Back." Performance is at 6:00 PM on December 9th for a grade. Eight dollars is needed for costume. Encourage your child to check for class updates, video clips, and worksheets on google classroom.

Musical Theatre: Dress Rehearsal November 17th from 3-6. Bring a snack. We gave the students costume notes on Thursday night. There are Three daytime school performances November 18th, 19th, 20th at 8:15 am. Actors call for daytime shows is 7:30 AM. Night performances are November 19th and 20th at 6 PM and actor's call is at 5:00 PM.

7th dance focus: We are half way through our swing dance for the March performance. Encourage your child to check for class updates, video clips, and worksheets on google classroom.