In Brunei, the boats are the most popular transportation to ride because the area is surrounded by water, so they can ride boats easily and the fee is very cheap.The kings or queens ride the most fancy royal boats!

Clothes in Brunei

Why should people vist Brunei?

There is a lot of interesting food that you can try on or try on different kinds of food.

In Brunei there is a jungle you can go, Museums, and a place called the Jame Asr Mosque it's a place like a special museum that have carate golds and in there no cameras or phones are allowed.

In Brunei.....


This is "Ambuyat " the most popular food in Brunel. It looks kind of plane noodle, but its very popular in Brunei. They eat this with lots of side dishes.


In Brunei favorite game is soccer.

The land form in Brunei

This is Brunei's land form. It's been formed by river activities.Most of the Brunei land forms are Swamps, sandbars, sand-pits, flood plains, lakes, estuaries, catchment areas etc.The website for more information about the land form is

The recreation in Brunei is soccer.

27th SEA Games (Football): Singapore vs Brunei

The religion in Brunei

67% of Bruneian is Islam and 13% is Buddhist.