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6 Word Memoir

I endulge myself by playing sports.

Waking up in a Dystopia

I woke with a start and shivered at the feel of my sweat filled clothes. Where was I? Why was I laying on a doctors table? With a sudden spark of insight I realized that I was in the bunker that I had built just before the nuclear war had begun. I had put myself to sleep to save myself from the mental strain of being the only one in the bunker when the bombs went off. The clock read 12:30, on January 17, 2046. The hundreds of gallons of IV fluids had kept me alive for almost six years now. I quickly checked the food stores I had and again remembered that most of the money had been spent on the fluids and bunker. I had maybe two days of food. I quickly put on my anti-radiation suit climbed up the twelve flights of stairs, and opened the hatch. I was not prepared for the sight that I found next.

I had expected to find myself in a deserted wasteland of misshapen earth, but instead I found myself in a city. I was on top of a small hill looking out over a sprawling grid of houses and elaborate towers. Surrounding the city was a dome of some type of energy. Most surprising of all was the amount of people walking around and none of them were dying of radiation n poisoning. I quickly pulled off one of my gloves and I was elated to see that the air here was perfectly safe. After my gloves came the rest of my suit and I pulled out a pair of binoculars and decided to study the flow of people. I noticed right away that everyone had the same facial expression and walked at the same pace, mulling down the street, drooling from the corner of their mouths. The cameras on every side of the street along with the guards in all red at every corner of every street told me something was wrong. Deciding to investigate further I snuck into a nearby house . The mother of the family washed dishes with an expressionless face while the son with the same expression played with little toy cars ant the dad read a book. This was not how people acted. There should be some conversation or interaction of some kind. I observed the exact same things in the next five houses. As I investigated the last house in the row I noticed something else was different. The lights were a different shade and I heard people talking. I snuck in again but three minutes later I was discovered and instead of Anger of hate I saw curiosity. Five minutes after my story was told I realized why the city was so strange. The government and university of sciences had created dome to protect from the radiation but in order to stay in the city everyone had to go to a yearly appointment to get little chip put in which helped them with everything in their daily lives but in reality it took away their conciseness. This family continuously slipped through the cracks by moving consistently throughout the city.

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Movie Charectors

Winston Smith: Russel Crowe- Russel Crowe would play Winston Smith because I feel like he could play the part of not your typical hero well and would make a adequate actor with the proper age. I also believe he would be able to keep a straight face for the telescreen.

Big Brother: Leonardo DiCaprio- Leonardo DiCaprio would be appropriate for my movie because he fits the facial features of big brother and slow plays the self-absorbed super successful ruler.

Goldenstein: Matt Damon- Matt Damon would be a rebellious character capable of staying alive and working for the greater good.

Syme: Jim Parsons- Jim Parsons reminds me of a very studios and observant guy who would be perfect for playing the role of the expert at newspeak. He’s kind of nerdy

Parsons: Jonah Hill- A heavy overset guy who does not care about really anything and, he would do an excellent job at bragging mindlessly about his kids “intelligent”.

O’Brien: Denzel Washington- Denzel has the appearance of a big trustworthy guy who everyone want to talk to and feel a connection to.

Julia: Amy Adams- Is a sort of young but not too young of a girl who would be the anti-sex league and help Winston in the rebellion for her own personal needs

Internal Conflict Poem

I walked down Boulevard Street

I felt eyes and turned my head

She had followed my feet

I was caught all i could feel was dread.

I knew she was with the police

Tracking my every move

Soon enough my life would cease

Thought crime needed no jury to prove.

Are we heading torwards a dystopia?

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In today's world some countries control the personalities while others give there citizens varying degrees of freedom. A world were the people have no control or humanity is not hard to see as the world is full of bad people doing bad things and a large range of powerful people doing questionable things. Also something similar to a dystopian society almost took place about 76 years ago during World War Two during Hitler's reign. However easy it is to see a dystopia society as our only future I think it would be much more difficult than it seems. The diversity of people in the world would make it very difficult for a complete takeover and many countries have installed governments that are in effect anti dystopia. People in some countries are coming closer together such as in Anthem when the people became so close that there was no longer a sense of individualism but everything was about a group or we. On the other hand being closer together and accepting each others values would allow the best of all the people to be put into the powerful government positions. I think if there were to be a huge change in the world maybe similar to 1984 there would be a few large and very different countries inhabiting most of the world. I could very well imagine one or two large societies under a dystopia government however I find it hard to believe that the whole world would fall under control of just one large super power because we are all so different. I believe that there is almost no possibility of a dystopia in the near future do the major differences among the world however there is a high possibility of one developing in the future of the world and likely the event would be due to extreme advances in technology. However far the technology advances it would still be quite a feat of corruption to control the whole world under a dystopia.