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Applications to Use at Home to Promote Math Skills


This app is fun and easy. Simply pick the photos you want for your collage, arrange them, add text, save and printing is optional. No account required, in app purchases, no ads, no social sharing, can disable web browsing

  • Create 2 quantities with base ten blocks and determine greater or less than
  • Create math word problems
  • 3D Shape Search
  • Find Parallel or Intersecting Lines

PicCollage Activity

Using your bag of tens and ones blocks, create both numbers on the cards and create a Piccollage demonstrating the numbers given and notate which one is greater and less

Requirements Use at Least

  • 1 background color
  • 2 images
  • 2 font styles
  • 2 font colors


Tool for exploring a variety of math concepts. Learners stretch bands around the pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, areas, angles, congruence fractions and more.

GeoBoard Activity

Create a GeoBoard representing 5 shapes of the same kind but 5 different sizes


  • Use at least 3 different colored rubber bands
  • Label the shape
  • Label the smallest and the largest

Math Vocabulary Cards

Helps students understand math terms, each card has a vocabulary word, a model and definition. Vocabulary words can be selected individually or by category. Will translate between English and Spanish and can mask/unmask sections of the cards

Math Vocabulary Cards Activity

1. Find the Array Card and mask the visual representation

2. Take a screen shot of the card

3. Using the PicCollage App and the array screen shot, create your own visual representation


  • Use at least 2 visual representations of an array

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