This. Is. Africa.

What is T.I.A?

T.I.A stands for This Is Africa. This idea means that Africa will never change. Africa is NOT a stable continent and T.I.A shows that it nothing can change it. T.I.A is the way of life and it's the way people live. Living in Africa is very dangerous. There's tons of violence but that can't be taken care because of T.I.A. T.I.A is an idea that Africans have engraved in there heads. People believe that Africa can't be changed because everyone who has tried has failed. They also only have negative thoughts, they know Africa will always be controlled by rebel groups and no one can change it. T.I.A has impacted everyone's life. People in Africa live day by day not expecting a tomorrow.

Connection Between T.I.A and African Imperialism

T.I.A and African Imperialism are connected because they both show violence and they both lack in authority. When referring to African Imperialism people don't care. They don't follow rules and they don't listen to what other have to say. They don't believe in a leader and most importantly they don't believe in discipline. Also since everyone back then wanted to run Africa and own it. Unfortunately the people who ran Africa noticed how weak the people were towards demand that they thought they could do whatever they wanted. Africa is a very valuable continent because of all the resources they have to offer so that means that people are very easy to manipulate and take advantage of. So, when referring to T.I.A it is basically the same idea. Individuals don't believe in rules because they have been corrupt for such a long time. Also no one is taken seriously. There is no set voice therefore they're no rules to follow. T.I.A shows that no one can run Africa, every man for themselves which is also they same as African Imperialism.


When speaking about Africa the first word that comes to mind is slavery. Slavery was a big issue in Africa back then and unfortunately it still continues to be a issue today. Some people a continue to own slaves but undercover. Africa has a horrible economy therefore they can afford to pay workers. This means Africans have to figure out ways to still produce and sell product while maintaining their money. In Africa is you do what your told if not, you'll mostly wind up dead. People in Africa are afraid of everyone and don't trust anyone not even there own family members because they can turn your back on you at any moment. Every man for their self. Sometimes you may not want to do but your told but you still do it because its the only way to survive. Slavery has a big effect on Africa and no one can change it because of T.I.A. There's no rules, no discipline.

Blood Diamonds

Diamonds are major attraction to use humans, why, because of their beauty. Diamonds are believed to be scarce, that however is not true. There is a major supply of diamonds in Africa but people don't seem to see that because most of the diamonds found are blood diamonds. Blood diamonds are not kept on record. Blood diamonds are diamonds that are illegally found. People in Africa however don't go so crazy for blood diamonds. Africans don't the value of diamonds, they just know that they're hard to find and hard to own. T.I.A is the idea of doing illegal things in order to survive. This leads to blood diamonds. Blood diamonds can bring you so much happiness but they are deadly because of where they came from.