What is heroism?

By: Luke johnson

what is the definition of hero/heroism?

The definition of heroism is when someone shows great courage and people who fulfill a high purpose.

The definition of hero is a person who is admired for there brave and noble acts.

MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.)

MLK was a great hero he did many things.He was a great inspiration and ended sectionalism. During that time he inspired tons of people to stand up for what was right and fight for everyone that wanted to be treated equally.

impact that heroism has on people.

heroism has a big impact on peoples lives because it can change there lives in an instant. heroism is why we have america today. heroes INSPIRE people and that's why some famous people are famous because there known for leading and making a group of people to come together.

what heroes mean to me.

heroes are different, heroes are bigger, heroes are people who inspire us. heroes aren't afraid of what happens to themselves. heroes help and care for the needy not caring what happens and they dont have any regrets. heroes are special because they are selfless.

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