got the flu? heres the info you'll need to treat it.

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if you have a cough, stuffy nose and sore throat then you have influenza (aka the flu). this article will tell you the symptoms of flu, how to treat it and what medicines you should take for what.


what happens if i don't take any medications?

Nothing really. you can help with the symptoms of the flu without medication. for example: if you have a fever, you can limit your activity and lay down and relax and place a cold damp cloth on your forehead to reduce the fever, if you have muscle aches: you can take a cool relaxing bath to soothe your muscles. nasal congestion: you can eat a bowl of hot soup, don't forget that its important to eat meals regular to keep up your strength so your body can fight off the flu.

what prescription medications can i take?

some antiviral medications that you can take to treat the flu are

oseltamivir-which is taken by mouth for children 2 weeks of age

Zanamivir- for children ages 5-7

Peramivir- for people 18 years of age or older

These can help the flu symptoms within a time period of 48 hours


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