Family Support Hub

COVID-19 School Closure

We are all in this together, trying to manage the fast-paced changes and updates on the Coronavirus. Because of this, we may feel an increased level of anxiety. It's important to be mindful that our children’s experiences may be the same as ours. Our children might have questions and may be worried as well.

This hub has been designed to provide families with information, resources, tips and supports that may help mitigate the social-emotional strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated school closings.

Homeschool Scheduling Suggestions

· Sample Schedules for Kids at Home During COVID-19

· Daily Schedule for ADHD Families: Homeschooling During COVID-19

Family Communication Resources

Stoklosa Support Staff Zoom Schedule

Schedule Through Return to School

TUESDAYS (2:30-3:00p) "SEL Reading Room" with Instructional Specialist Jill Stec. Planned discussion about books with SEL themes, answers about reading and availability to answer any school-related questions ZOOM ID- 82 6084 0399 Password-ReadMore

THURSDAYS (3:00-3:30p) "Social Work Corner" with Social Workers Susan Poirier, Cynthia Robtoy and SEL Tutor Janelle Eddy. SEL games/activities on various topics. ZOOM ID- 834-105-572 Password-SELROCKS

FRIDAYS (9:00-9:30a) "Stoic Start Fridays" with Assistant Principal Patrick Swett. Planned mindfulness discussion to help jumpstart the day with a positive attitude. ZOOM ID- 107-426-574 Password- Stoic20

Stoklosa Support Staff Contact Info

Assistant Principal (Patrick Swett) email

Special Ed. Social Worker (Susan Poirier) email

Stoklosa Social Worker (Cynthia Robtoy) email

Guidance Counselor (Seng Ty) email

Stoklosa Instructional Specialist (Jill Stec) email

Mental Health Emergency Resources

24/7 CRISIS LINE 800-830-5177

Lahey Crisis Clinic 978-455-3397

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255

Domestic Violence Hotlines:

Statewide Hotline SafeLink - 877-785-2020

Lowell Police Department, Family Services Unit - 978-674-4502

Substance Abuse Hotlines:

Substance Abuse info and Education Helpline - 800-327-5050

Parent Hotlines:

Parent Stress Hotline - 800-632-8188

Parents Helping Parents- (offers online support groups)

Emergency Psychiatric Services- 24hrs/7days

Beth Israel Lahey Health

978-455-3397 or 800-830-5177

1230 Bridge St, Lowell, MA 01854

Free Internet Access

Comcast “Internet Essentials” service

English 855-846-8376 or Spanish 855-765-6995

Social Emotional Learning Activities (SEL)

Coping with Teenage Stress

  • Name two things you can do to manage your stress.

  • Decide how you will work at least one of these things into your schedule today.

  • Think about how stress can be both a good and bad thing.

Self Soothe Box

  • Make your own self soothe box by decorating a shoe box or other empty box. Place at least 5 self-soothing items in the box that include all 5 senses.

  • Share your box with a member of your household.

  • In 10 sentences or less, write how using your self-soothe box helped soothe you when you were upset.

The Science of Kindness

  • How can doing an act of kindness help you, and not just the person you’re doing the act of kindness for?

  • Do an act of kindness. Reflect on how it made you feel. Now think of another act of kindness you can do tomorrow.

Dealing with Digital Drama

  • Write down three posts that you have made on social media that may have created digital drama.

  • Re-write those three posts in a way that shows good digital citizenship.

Three Tips to Boost Confidence

  • List 3 people in the world that you believe are confident.

  • What three actions can you take to build your confidence.

  • Name a failure that you had but were able to overcome and list how you overcame it.

Why we lose control of our emotions

  • What are some things that cause you to “flip your lid”?

  • Who are the trusted adults in your life that you can talk to if you feel your emotions are getting out of control?

Conflict Resolution

  • Is conflict a part of relationships?

  • What are some ways to communicate conflict in a healthy manner?

  • What is the purpose of a mediator?

What is Empathy

  • What does it mean to have empathy?

  • Have you ever felt left out or ignored? How did it make you feel?

Think it or say it

  • Why is it important to keep some thoughts to ourselves?

  • What is an example of something you should think?

  • What is an example of something you can say?

Seeing the other Point of View

  • Why is it important to see situations from someone else’s point of view?

  • Can you think of a time when you did or didn’t see someone’s point of view. How could things have been handled differently?