School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.


2017-18 Budget Timeline

John Vignone, Director of Business Administration, reviewed the budget timeline for the upcoming school year. You can view it here.

Business Meeting

The School Board approved the graduation date which will be Monday, June 12, 2017, at PPL Center.

The School Board approved the 2016-17 goals that Dr. Rod Troutman, Assistant Superintendent, presented last month. You can read them here.


Everyone congratulated the buildings for a great start to the school year and for a great start with the full-day kindergarten programs which are new in every elementary building this year. The Board thanked the Human Resources Department for their excellent work in hiring a record number of new staff this year.

Mr. Robert Cohen voted against paying the cyber charter school bills citing the fact that of the 70 cyber charter schools that exist in Pennsylvania, not one has earned a passing School Performance Profile score from the state. He said that the system is forcing taxpayer dollars to fund schools that are not working and that he would not be a part of it. President David Kennedy agreed, but noted that if the District were to not pay the mandated state bill, it would be in legal trouble which could result in litigation and other charges. Mr. Cohenalso noted that Parkland does offer a cyber program for children who are too ill to attend school, are suspended, or decide to use it for other reasons. The Parkland Cyber Program boasts a 93% success rate for its students, noting that it is flexible and holds students and families accountable for the coursework. Ultimately, the majority of the board voted in favor of paying the cyber charter bills, but with regret.

Mrs. Lisa Roth noted that she, Bob Bold and David Kennedy will attend a legislative roundtable on Thursday evening about this very topic which will be attended by the Auditor General and various legislators. School Districts have been lobbying for a change in the law and payment policies surrounding underperforming charter schools.

NEXT MEETING: September 27, 2016 at 7 PM