Anatomy Announcements

End of Semester Information and Course Updates

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Student Surveys

GaVS Fall students, it is your turn to send us feedback about your experience as a GeorgiaVirtual School online student. Please check your GaVS email for important information regarding the GaVS Fall 2013 Student Survey. It is very important that all students complete the survey. We are always interested in your feedback and always looking for ways we can better serve the needs of all Georgia Virtual School students.

Thank-you for completing the survey!

What's Left To Do?

See below for what is due this Friday, November 22, 2013. You can also see what is assigned each day on the Calendar Widget on your course homepage.

1. Excretory Organ Analogy Project
2. The Case of the Sinister Symptoms Parts 1 and 2
3. The Case of the Sinister Symptoms Part 3 Discussion
4. Urine Components Assignment
5. Excretory Review Quiz
6. Excretory System Test
7.Reproductive System Vocabulary Quiz
8. Prenatal Flyer Assignment
9. Genetic Technology Discussion
10. Embryonic Timeline Assignment (PowerPoint Assignment)
11. Embryonic Timeline Assignment Check Quiz
12. Disorder Assignment
13. Reproductive System Review Quiz
14. Reproductive System Test
15. Performance Exam Portfolio (DUE LAST DAY OF CLASS-Tuesday November 3rd)

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