Bobby Vee

Kennedy Flaa


  1. Bobby was born on April 30, 1943
  2. Bobby was born in Fargo, North Dakota
  3. Bobby grew up with two older brothers
  4. Bobby grew up in a very musical family
  5. The first instrument Bobby played was the saxophone
  6. Bobby participated in a school band
  7. Bobby's first paying gig was on Valentine's Day
  8. He was 15 when he played in his first gig
  9. On June 1st 1959 Bobby and his group went to Minnesota to record a song
  10. The label he recorded was called "Susie Baby"


  1. Bobby's full name is Robert Velline
  2. Bobby started his music career when he was a teen
  3. Bobby was mostly known for his music
  4. Karen Velline is Bobby's wife
  5. Bobby and Karen had 5 children
  6. Bobby had 6 gold singles
  7. He got 14 top 40 hits
  8. He got 2 gold albums
  9. Bobby issued a 17 song collectors edition cassette
  10. The cassette includes a recording with his sons
  11. In 1963 there was a re-issue of his Christmas album
  12. In 1992 Bobby was voted best live performer
  13. In 1993 he was voted favorite singer
  14. In 1994 he was voted most accomplished performer
  15. In the late 1960s a Pittsburgh radio station began playing the back side of what would have been his last single
  16. In 2011 Bobby was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's disease
  17. Later in 2011 Bobby's wife was on a waiting list for a lung transplant
  18. Bobby tries to focus on his family and music
  19. In 2011 Bobby started working on an album called "If I Needed You"
  20. Now Bobby and his family spend time together writing music


On June 20, 1999 Bobby was presented The Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award. This award was given to Bobby by governor Ed Schafer. Ed said that "Throughout his success, Bobby has maintained his North Dakota roots and values". He was extremely proud to honor Bobby the award.
Bobby at age 72

Bobby and his wife

Bobby in his recording studio

Bobby and his band

Bobby's album cover

Bobby's album cover

Bobby vee when he's older

Bobby Vee - Take Good Care Of My Baby - 1961