Miller Fine Arts Virtual Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What will my child need to do on the first day of school?

A. First, your child should log on to their computer before the start of the school day at 9:00 AM. They should then sign on to ClassLink. Next, they should log into Canvas and join their supervision/homeroom meeting. The teachers will be able to direct your child from that point. ClassLink is accessible by scrolling to the bottom of the BCSD webpage. Students will log on using the same login information when they were issued their devices.

Q. What will be expected of my child each day?

A. All students are expected to log into Canvas to access their daily check-in for each class and follow the schedule for their respective grade level. Students will use Microsoft Teams for synchronous (face-to-face /Live) class time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for each course represented on their schedule. On Wednesday, students are expected to work asynchronous (independently) to complete a daily check-in and all assignments using Canvas. On Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020, students are expected to log in and work synchronously since it is just the second day of school. During subsequent weeks, students will work independently on Wednesdays.

Q. What is the daily schedule for my child?

A. Please read the remote learning schedule for each grade level below. All classes will start at the designated times. Students should be prepared to be in the class each day for the entire time. Please note that some students in the 6th Grade who are scheduled for Targeted Remediation will have a different start or end time daily. The students affected will be contacted by the school..

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Q. How will remote learning impact attendance?

A. Each day of remote learning counts as a full instructional day. Students must sign in each class daily. There will be an online form that teachers will have students complete in each class. Each student must complete the form and submit it for daily attendance for each class. A child who does not complete the online attendance form will be marked absent for the day for the class. Students must remain in the class for the entire 60-minute class. Attendance will be monitored very closely.

Q. How can I contact my child’s teachers?

A. BCSD is transitioning to the Remind platform as a communication tool for teachers, parents, and administrators in all schools. All Miller Magnet teachers and professional staff members will be available via email or remind each school day Monday – Friday from 8:15 AM-4:15 PM. Please make sure you have updated contact information in the office for your child so that teachers can contact you with the class codes for Remind. In addition, Miller teachers will be verifying student information with anyone to whom they speak to protect student/parent privacy and to update our records. If you send an email after 3:00 pm, please anticipate a response on the next remote learning day. If you email on the weekends, please anticipate a response on the next business day.

Q. What do I need to do if I cannot see my child's schedule?

A. If you are having issues seeing a schedule in Infinite Campus, please call the school between the hours of 8:30-4:15 PM Monday-Friday or email Ms. Pamela Johnson, our registrar, at: If you send an email after 3:00 pm on Monday-Friday, please anticipate a response on the next business day. If you email on the weekends, please anticipate a response on the next business day.

Q. What do I need to do if my child needs a device or internet access?

A. Please click here to reserve a device: Miller Devices. Miller currently has a waitlist. We will communicate with the parents about the devices as we receive their requests. If you have questions about your requests, please call the school at 478-779-4050 or email our Media Specialist, Mrs. Kendra Chambless, at If you contact her after 3:00 pm on Monday-Friday, please anticipate a response on the next business day. If you email on the weekends, please anticipate a response on the next business day. If you need the internet, BCSD will have WiFi-connected buses at certain locations beginning Sept. 8. and will be present Mon.-Fri. from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Please go to the district website: for locations and how to connect.

Q. What supplies will my child need?

A. Miller Fine Arts is distributing resources (Ready Math Text and Workbook, Studies Weekly Newspaper Resource, or HMH Close Reader) to all enrolled students at the school between the hours of 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM. Eighth-graders will not receive Studies Weekly. Students must maintain and bring back resources when face-to-face instruction resumes. Individual teachers will provide a syllabus with specific supplies for their classes.

Q. What do I need to do if I want meal service for my child?

A. "The Bibb County School Nutrition Department is committed to “Serving Todays Students Nutritious Meals to Grow Tomorrows Leaders.” This is our mission statement, and this does not change when our students are learning from home." More information is available concerning the process for meal service, including menus and ordering meals online. Please visit the Bibb County Meal Delivery Service link below.
Bibb County School District Meal Delivery Service

Information concerning the process for meal service, including menus and ordering meals online.

Q. When will sports and extracurricular activities begin?

A. Sports will begin when the Bibb County School District deems it safe to resume. Several extracurricular activities and clubs at the school will be available virtually. These opportunities will be shared with you once they begin

Q. What do I do if I need assistance using technology?

A. BCSD has established a Help Desk to assist students and parents Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-:4:30 PM.
  • If you need assistance with devices, please call 478-765-8659 .
  • If you need assistance with Canvas, please call 478-779-2579.

Q. Does my child need a web-camera?

A. Laptops with built-in webcams or separate webcams will be required for virtual learning. It is expected that students have their cameras operating throughout the class and during assessments. We recommend that parents find a well-lit space and a room with minimal distractions in the background while the cameras are in use. Students should position their webcam from the shoulders up so that their face is fully visible.

Q. What should my child wear during virtual learning?

A. Miller Fine Arts is not requiring students to be in school uniform for virtual instruction but we are expecting students to be dressed appropriately. For example, no tank tops, no shirts that expose the cleavage or midriffs and no head coverings (bonnets, scarfs, hats, wave caps, or do-rags). Students’ undergarments should not be revealed through sheer, lace, or net tops. Student garments must not suggest, advertise, state, imply, display, or promote any words, signs, symbols, or gestures that are associated with racial insensitivity, gang affiliation, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, profanity, and/or sexually suggestive language or images. If the clothing is not something that would be permitted for students to wear to school, they should not wear them in a virtual school setting.

Q. What are the behavioral expectations during virtual learning?

A. Students are expected to follow the BCSD Code of Conduct to provide a safe and respectful environment for teachers and students during face-to-face or virtual instruction. We expect our students to make responsible choices by using computers and computer networks in a responsible, ethical, and polite manner. We expect our students to maintain good character when it relates to student/teacher privacy and not using inappropriate /offensive language in the chat, on the whiteboard, or while using the microphone. We expect our students to show respect to all when presenting themselves on camera by dressing appropriately, ensuring they are in a setting conducive to learning, and eliminating outside distractions such as cellphones, televisions, and radios during the class session. Lastly, we expect all students to know that BCSD will monitor all technology resource activities and they should report any issues or suspicious activities to their teacher or the Miller Fine Arts Administrative team by calling 478-779-4050 or emailing our assistant principals at the following email addresses:

· Mary Fischer, Assistant Principal:

· Shan Gibson, Assistant Principal:

Please note that if you send an email after 3:00 pm on Monday-Friday, please anticipate a response on the next remote learning day. If you email on the weekends, please anticipate a response on the next business day. All students are expected to adhere to the Miller Fine Arts PBIS expectations for virtual learning below:

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About Miller Fine Art Magnet

Miller Fine Arts Magnet Middle School is a part of the Bibb County School District in Macon, Georgia. At Miller Fine Arts, we strive for all of our students to master the Georgia Standards of Excellence in Math, English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies, while providing all students with a rigorous, enriched curriculum in the fine arts. We are a Leader in Me school! We, as a school, are focused on teaching students to develop leadership skills and creating an environment that encourages students to look for the best in others and in themselves. Miller Fine Arts Magnet is recognized by the state of Georgia as a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (P.B.I.S) Distinguished Middle School and 2019-20 Title I Rewards School. Also, Miller Fine Arts has a CCRPI Rating of 79.8, the highest secondary school rating in the Bibb County School District, and has a 5-Star School Climate Rating. Miller Fine Arts Magnet is committed to the Bibb County School District's vision, “Each student will demonstrate strength of character and will be college or career ready.”

Q. What do I need to do if I want my child to attend Miller Fine Arts Magnet Middle School?

A. If a student moves into the Central Zone, a registration must be completed on the district’s website. All necessary documentation must be submitted and will be examined thoroughly before enrollment is granted. Miller Fine Arts is a magnet school that offers a rigorous, enriched curriculum that concentrates on the fine arts. Miller Fine Arts has competitive admissions criteria for students who reside outside of the Central Zone and wish to enroll. The magnet application process starts in late November. Please understand an application, interview, or audition does not guarantee admission to the magnet program or Miller Fine Arts. If a student does not live in the Central Zone or has been accepted into the magnet program, they cannot be enrolled at Miller Fine Arts. If current Miller non-magnet students move out of the zone, they must attend their zoned school. Address verification for all students is ongoing throughout the year.
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