The Star of the North

Malone, NY

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First Congregational Church

The First Congregational Church in Malone had tunnels for slaves to hide in on their way to freedom. Most people thought of it as an ordinary church, but only few knew the secrets it held. The pastor, Ashbel Parmelee, risked his life to save others.

The Elks Lodge

The Elks Lodge was the home of William Almon Wheeler, Vice President of the United States. Most people wouldn't have known that Wheeler grew up in a poor family. He worked hard to achieve great things, and make his home town known. He tried and tried to become president but never quite succeeded. He was a good man, and was respected among the people of Malone.

The Arsenal Green

The Arsenal Green is located in the center of historic Malone. It was a training ground for the soldiers in the Civil War. There are still two canons remaining and you can still read the descriptions on them. Carl Marshall, a Civil War re-enactor, spends time in schools and at the Wilder Farm teaching about Civil War soldiers and what they did to prepare themselves for battle.
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There are many important cemeteries in Malone, and several important people are buried in them. Ashbel Parmelee was buried in the Webster St. Cemetery, along with many other Civil War veterans. William Almon Wheeler was buried in the Morningside Cemetery. He was the Vice President of the United States. In the picture below is William Wheeler's gravestone.
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