John Proctor Reputation

By Selena&Michael

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Act One

John proctor is viewed as a good person in town but he has some hidden flaws that could come back to hurt him later on in the story.

During act one the affair between John Proctor and Abagail is reveled to the viewers during a private conversation between the two so we can already see that he is not as perfect as everyone thinks he is.

Most everyone in town thinks that John Proctor Is a good man and looks up to him.

No one knows about the affair between John and Abigail so they think he has done nothing wrong.

The Crucible: Abigail and Proctor 1

Act Two

In act two John starts getting worried that his wife will be accused as a witch because Abigail has mentioned her name in court. He has a reason to be worried because Abigail is going around and accusing many people that she does not like and considering Abigail wants to be with Proctor accusing his wife would be a good way to make her disappear.

John tries to scare Abigail into not accusing his wife by threatening her life. Johns threat did not work because at the end of act two Elizabeth was arrested and taken away. This shows how little power he has over the court and Abigail.

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Act Three

In Act three we can see that John is having an internal conflict with his self because he has to make a decision on weather or not to come out and admit to the affair and save his wife, or not tell about the affair and save his reputation. John tries everything he can to save both but cannot so he throws his reputation on the line and confesses to the affair. This shows just how much John cares about his wife. His efforts are short lived because when his wife is questioned about it she says he did not have the affair and she is whisk away back to jail. John freaks out and goes on a rant and still ends up throwing his reputation away by screaming God is dead in front of the whole town. I think this is Johns way of saying that everything is so messed up and yet everyone still believes the people who are causing the problem in the first place. Act three ends with John being taken to jail and a look of disbelief on Abigail's face.
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Act Four

In act four we see how John has the power to save his life and ruin his reputation or save his reputation and end his life. John is faced with an option, to be hanged or confess to being a witch and get to go home. John makes a quick decision to confess and signs the document saying he is a witch. John was ok with that until Danforth mentions that it will be posted on the door of the church. When John heard this he snatches the document and begs that they not put it on the church. John did this because he did not want his family name to be ruined forever. John decides to be hanged over his named ruined. This shows just how important family reputation means to him.