Happy New Year, Pirates!

January 11-15, 2016

Next Week

Monday, January 11
  • NTI meeting @ DO 4:15-5:45
Tuesday, January 12
  • Report cards go home
  • Duer's class to Brattonsville FIELD TRIP
Wednesday, January 13

  • Hana at co-hort meeting all day
  • Selle's class to Brattonsville FIELD TRIP
  • R2S Cohort meeting @ DO 7:30-3:30
Thursday, January 14
Friday, January 15
  • Special Ed Field Study

Future Dates

  • January 20, Discovery Science Training (Professional Development) during grade level planning
  • Excited about our collaborative school time with John Hodge, January 26 at 3:00 pm at Rawlinson Road Baptist Church http://premierspeakers.com/john_hodge/videos

Happy Birthday!!

Jan. 8 Amanda MacKay

Jan. 13 Glenda Wright

Jan. 14 Kim Hughes

Jan. 16 Stacey Myers

Jan. 16 Adam Batten

Jan. 31 Stacy O'Dell

MAP Testing

The testing window is open now through February 28. See Mr. Hood for lab times (K-2). Grades 3-5 can use the ipads.

State Testing Information

We do know the following:

  • Not timed!
  • No science or social studies test for 3rd graders
  • Science and social studies for 4th and 5th will be taken electronically ( hoping with IPads)
  • Science 4-5 will be tested in window of May 11-27.
  • Social studies 4-5 will be tested in window of May 11-May 27
  • Math and ELA 3-5 will be SC READY (not sure if they will be paper or electronic)
  • If paper, ELA will be April 26-27. If electronic, the window is April 19-May 6.
  • If paper, Math will be April 28. If electronic, the window is April 19-May 6.

As soon as we know more, we will let you know, but please share these dates with parents for planning purposes. If you wish to know more, please go to http://ed.sc.gov/tests/assessment-information/test-dates/