Ms. Kunkel's Krew

Welcome Aboard, Parents!

English Language Arts

Now that we've completed out nine health lessons, we are off to a fabulous start in ELA setting routines, meeting in small groups, and beginning our fabulous novel, Wonder.

The children are SO excited and want to desperately read ahead! Always a good sign.

Children should now have their "Read to Self" independent book. Thank you to those choosing to sign the reading calendar. It's a great motivator for many.

AR is up and running. Please remember...two books on their reading level is the goal for the first quarter scoring 70% or higher. I am here to offer reading materials. Indeed I have many resources.

In written language we are focusing on well-constructed paragraphs in their Daybook, a journal children use daily...sometimes twice a day.


The math textbook/workbook has been sent home to use as a resource since at this time Baltimore County has not provided a home connection. I hope resources are on the way!! In the meantime, please see classwork and graded papers in your child's RED folder.

We are halfway through unit one and have covered skills such as place value and rounding. Now we are working on estimating sums and differences, along with addition and subtraction.

Thank you for practicing those multiplication facts with your child.

Parent Communication

Please know I am always available before and after school to meet. Email is checked very frequently, and I waste no time getting back in touch. Thank you for all your help in bringing out the best in your child!

Ms. Kunkel