The good out of Bad

The pros to the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution

The effect of the industrial Revolution changed lives for the better with new and better inventions,transportation,Mass production,or a new system of doing things. Job opportunities opened up for women,education opportunities,and improved economy.

Coming to an end

Although there is always another side to things even if it's bad I will say that thought there was the Lucy Larcom Doc.1 and 1845 petition,Poor Factory conditions and Child Labor,there were good things that came out of it too.Like Inventions were created,Transportation improved, Mass Production, and Job Opportunities. In my opinion, " If you focus too much on the bad things in life you'll miss the good things." But these good things come with a price have to admit. Overall, the Industrial Revolution changed our lives for the better.

More info

For more information on the good things the revolution brought us contact at the number and sites do below and "shoot for the good."