Lets Go To Minnesota

Minnesota the land of opportunities!

Facts About living in Minnesota

The land in minnesota is so grand the soil is nice and rich for farming and there are great job opportunities. In Minnesota there are great resources and we can be our own government. We could also get away from all the diseases. There is also education in MInnesota by Harriet Bishop who is an effective community school teacher.

Go to Minnesota for the beautiful land

The land includes rich soil and beautiful bodies of water. Go to the top of the beautiful hill and look out to the blue water as the sun is setting!
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The steam boats glide through the water and the you finally approach St.paul.

A beautiful land full of trees and opportunities. You step on the land and you can smell the warm air and the green area.

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Pierre Parrant

Pigs eye landing also known as St.paul was named after Pierre Parrant. Pierre Parrant was the first european descent to live in the borders of what would eventually became the city of St.paul.
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I believe that steam boat is the safest way of traveling to MInnesota. There are many other ways for transportation like: train,mule,horse,ox,foot,canoe.

I think it is the safest because u can sleep and it won't tip that easily.

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Harriet Bishop

"A garden of untrained flowers to be tended" those are real words said by Harriet Bishop talking about children that need to be taught in school that is in Minnesota. there is so many opportunities for children in Minnesota thats why you should go to Minnesota!
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By Bailey Walsh