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March 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to March Sea Turtle Families!

After a busy and exciting February, SHES March Madness is upon us! Along with the daily challenge of academics, we will tuck in some fun! Special Olympics, Field Day and Music Performances are all in our future this month! Also this month is a much-deserved Spring Break for our students and staff!

A big shout out for all those involved with planning Jog-A-Thon! It was a huge success due to the commitment that our parents make to support our students. Also, many thanks to our Kindergarten team and Mrs. Carstensen for a heart-warming Grandparents Day concert. This is always absolutely adorable and we are so lucky to once again have the opportunity to host it!

At the beginning of April, 4th and 5th grade students will be taking their first state assessment, FSA Writing. We wish them much luck and encouragement. Their teachers have prepared them well and I am very confident that they will perform successfully. Please encourage your child to perform their best, incorporate the many strategies they have been practicing, and most importantly, use all the time allotted to them for the writing assessment. If you would like to get more information about FSA (Florida Standards Assessment) please visit the following link: Please check the rest of our newsletter for other assessment “save the date” information. In order for your student to have the most beneficial testing environment and opportunity for success, it is recommended that no appointments are scheduled during the school day, and consideration for testing dates are made.

Finally families, the annual Exceptional Student Education parent survey conducted by the Florida Department of Education is underway through Thursday, June 30th. The survey gives parents of students receiving special education services the opportunity to provide feedback on their school involvement and provide comments on their child’s school. This type of parent input is critical in determining if the district will meet the requirements for the state’s Annual Performance Report. The parent survey is available online in multiple languages at or If you have questions, contact Tracy McMannus at 727-588-6062 or Enjoy this month and all it has to offer including Spring Break with your family!

Ms. Palmer, Principal

March Dates to Remember:

March 3rd - All Pro Dads, 7:45 am

March 8th - SAC Meeting cancelled

March 9th - Special Olympics 9:00am

March 11th - K-Kids - 7:45 am

March 11th - End of the 3rd Quarter Grading Period

March 11th - Field Day for K-5th grade (Times Vary)

March 14th - March 18th - Spring Break, School Closed

March 21st - School Closed for Students

March 22nd - School Reopens for Students

March 29th - Report Cards Go Home

March 29th - SMILE - Spring Picture Day!

(Only students with picture money envelope will be photographed)

March 31st - Spring Concert: 1st grade 6:30 pm 2nd grade 7:15

April 1st- Character Assembly for March

Check our SHES homepage and SHES Facebook page for upcoming events!
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Congratulations to our February Sea Turtle Character Award Winners for Cooperation:

Amelia Tashkin

Christian Burgess

Jaxson Adams

Roux Gondi

Hunter Stidham

Eleanor Waldron

Brooklyn Hmay

Bryce Ngo

Ahmila Pack

Ashley Bendo

Ruby Patrick

Alisabel Rodriguez-Smallwood

Liam Jackson

Beckett Haas

Emily Ammons

Kai Loberg

Greyson Rogers

Julian Jun

Harry Runnells

Jack Mander

Kaden Nguyen

Callen Helies

Annabella Lewis

Gavin Sweeney

Jadon Kidd

Paisley Kruger

Greyson Huber

Javier Lara- Demillon

Claire Wilson

Lucas Sanderson

Joshua Pham

Lucy McKay

Julian Florenzano

Taylor Belejchak

Alexander Marsden

Jason Harville

Avery Glover

Sophia Webb

Robbie Halstead

Kylie Rogers

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K-Kids News - March 2022

Dear Parents and Families of KKIDS

We are doing a fundraiser project for the residents of Living Center of Safety Harbor located on MLK Blvd. These residents are long term residents who we would like to provide with some personal items for use and recreation. As you know, KKIDS is run on charity and donations. We are thrilled to have your children and enjoy their enthusiasm for helping these residents. They came up with many great ideas and we have paired them with what the recreation department at the Living Center suggested.

Below is a list that we compiled. We are asking for donations of these items. It should be noted, that the items will be placed in small canvas bags that are approximately 10x12 inches in size. So, items will need to be sized accordingly.

If you are willing to donate any of these items, please email Mrs. Collova at:

Please let me know what you would like to donate, so we can be sure that we are getting a variety of items. Items may be brought to the front office anytime up to March 7th.

The items collected will be sorted and distributed at the KKIDS meeting on March 11th in the Media center at 7:45am.

Parents that would like to help prepare the bags are welcome to join us on March 11th to complete this wonderful project. We will be happy to have you participate with your children in the rewarding event.

Bags will be delivered by a KKIDS adult representative.

Small individual tissue packs, small puzzles

Pens, small games

Paper pads or small notebooks, playing cards

Crossword puzzles or word finds, packs of crackers

Small lotions, small decoration items

Tooth brushes, small toothpastes

Magazines, small blankets

Thank you for considering donating and being part of our project on March 11th.


KKIDS of Safety Harbor Elementary and your teacher representatives,

Mrs. Baby, Mrs. Chaltry and Mrs. Collova

K-Kids News - March 2022

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Volunteer Corner

Got Hours?

Why should you log your hours?

Did you know?

  • Data is how we verify our funding requirements for the Lunch Pals mentoring program.

  • Take Stock in Children sessions must be logged for the scholarship to be awarded to students. 15 Sessions must be logged in the volunteer system.

  • Data is one of the factors used to determine the effectiveness of our volunteer program, and how it supports student achievement.

  • The volunteer/mentor/tutor program is a factor in student and school success.

  • Family Engagement can also be tracked in the volunteer system.

  • Data points can be used as part of the information needed in the school accreditation, in the Five Star and the Golden School State Awards.

End-of-year volunteer program reports are sent to district and state leadership on a variety of data points. To name a few:

Hours Logged

Hours logged by category

Number of volunteers by school and total in district

Data shown by Age, Race and Gender

See Lisa Zollars if you need assistance logging your volunteer hours!

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PTA March Newsletter Article

This year’s Jog-A-Thon was so much fun and a great success thanks to you and your Sea Turtle(s). Our kids raised over $7,800 and ran SEVERAL laps. I was so impressed by the energy of the students and Mrs. J, our Jog-A-Thon mascot, who didn’t stop running for the entire event! So inspiring!

Thank you to everyone for volunteered their time for this event. Whether you marked sticks, counted laps, filled water cups, or just visited to cheer your student, your time and presence was appreciated! We also want to thank the Fresh Market for donating bananas for our students to enjoy after the event as well as The Safety Harbor Little School for donating water bottles to keep our kids hydrated. Community sponsors make our events so much more successful!

PTA tallied laps and presented trophies to the classrooms with the highest average laps in each grade and also gave certificates and $20 gift cards to the boy and girl in each grade with the highest number of laps run. These kids deserve the recognition!

Lastly, I would like to encourage everyone to join a PTA board or committee. The PTA board, made of five people, has done most of the heavy lifting of planning and organizing events, merchandise, and fundraising this year.

It’s your turn! As a parent, donating time at your child’s school pays dividends for every child at our school and it’s something you should do. And PTA is not just a mom thing either! Dads bring great ideas and energy to our boards and committees. Positive male role models have an excellent opportunity to step in and fill any void that might exist in a child’s life. You can be that positive influence for a child at our school! If you have the time to make one or two phone calls or pick up a few items when you’re out shopping, we could use your help! Our nomination committee is working on forming boards and committees for next school year. Please reach out to and let us know how you can help.


FB: Safety Harbor PTA

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SHES Jog-a-thon 2022!

Jog-a-thon winners!

Kindergarten: Class winner - Sweeney

Boys: Nathan Sweeney & Tyler Collashaw

Girls: Morgan Parks, Sofia Macchour & Ruby Patrick

First grade: Class winner- Halstead & Woods (tie)

Boys: Landon Bell, Mason Chance & Aiden Shindelbower

Girls: Georgia Nugent

Second grade: Class winner - Gazlay

Boys: Benjamin Nammour & Porter Kruger

Girls: Jamee Ryan & Hadley Nugent

Third grade: Class winner - Peterson

Boys: Jack Lawson

Girls: Xenia Augustyn & Mariya Fancher

Fourth grade: Class winner - Marchesiello - Clark

Boys: Luke Laugen

Girls: Isabella Bosso

Fifth grade: Class winner: Webb

Boys: Loughton Smith

Girls: Macey Tarrance


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Kiwanis Student of the Month: Desirae Tate! !

Kiwanis Kid of the Month—February 2022--Desirae Tate

Desirae is February’s Kiwanis kid of the month. Desirae has come a long way in a short amount of time. This year Desirae has shown that she is a motivated learner and accountable for her efforts. She has made the honor roll both quarters this year. Desirae understands that she is the one who is responsible for her grades. She is actively checking her grades on focus to ensure that she is staying on track for honor roll. She will let her teachers know when she needs more help in an area to ensure she continues her path to success. She demonstrates leadership qualities while working in small group. She is eager to share and will help others to better their understand. Desirae is deserving of this award because she embodies the characteristics that teachers want to see in all our students. I am so proud to nominate Desirae for this award and am very excited to see her continue to succeed as she moves on to middle school. Congratulations, Desirae!

---Mrs. Belejchak

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Notes from Nurse Jen!

Breakfast: Why is this the most important meal of the day? Research has shown that students who eat a healthy breakfast do better on tests. Children who do not eat a breakfast daily, their brains cognitive function or thinking/doing/saying/acting power is not as strong in comparison to those who do eat breakfast daily. Children who eat a healthy breakfast have also shown improvements in their mood or how they feel.

Making the healthy choice: So now you are in the breakfast line ready to go and you see two choices: pancakes with syrup or whole grain toast with scrambled eggs. The healthier of the two options would be the whole grain toast with scrambled eggs, because you should be getting 5 ounces of whole grains a day and 4-5 ounces of protein a day. Then, you need to choose between chocolate milk or 1% milk. The healthier choice would be the 1% milk because you should be getting 2.5 to 3 cups of milk/dairy a day. Finally, you make it over to the fruit and you see banana’s, grapes, orange’s and apples. The healthier choice is? This is a trick question because the answer is all of those are healthy choices and you should make sure to have 1.5 cups of fruit a day. Great job!

Breakfast at home: Not only should you eat breakfast while you go to school, but you should also eat breakfast on non-school days as well! It is very important to keep your body and mind healthy and strong!

Support: If you have any questions, feel free to visit your school nurse! We are here to help and support you and your families.


Front Office Hours and Assistance:

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:00pm

Saturday/Sunday: Closed

Cecilia Palmer - Principal

Wendy Stryker - Assistant Principal

Linda Serio - Secretary / Bookkeeper

Michelle Merz - Registration / Data Management Technician

Lisa Zollars - Family Liaison / Volunteer Coordinator

Amy Glover - Front Office Clerk