Behind The News

Episode 25

"I have a Dream"

"I have a dream" is a famous speech made by a famous man called Martin Luther King Jr. This speech united the blacks and whites. He lived in US in Georgia and was a very smart man. Martin Luther King Jr. followed his dads foot steps in becoming a minister.

Another person that contributed to change the world was woman called Rosa Parks. She was know for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passanger. Also it was sad because in those times racim was on a daily bases. Most of the time protests were hurt by dogs and were forced not to eat or sit in restaurants with white people.

Sadly this glorious man died because James Earl Ray (a white man) that disagreed to his topic killed him by shooting him in the head with a bullet. But three years later his speech not only made an impact on America but to the whole world. He and his speech are famous, so famous that he has a day about him.