Are You Really Clean??


It's an amazing thing! Oh wait, you've heard of it? But did you know you need to bathe every day before you come to work? Otherwise you can spread germs and bacteria into our wonderful foodie world. That would be tragic! Seriously though, the roadkill germs from your dog who sat in your lap this morning, could actually hurt other people.

You Are At Work, Not A Beauty Contest.

Ladies, beauty products are not necessities, no matter what the magazines say.

A little hairspray to keep that mane tucked in your hat is fine, just don't overdo it. You do not need ten pounds of make-up that will drip/flake off into the dishes. Glitter is off limits- sorry girls. You've got to admit, it gets in everything. Same goes for nail-polish. By the way the whole kitchen smells like food, it's supposed to. Don't try to hide behind half a bottle of perfume.