Goal Directed: Adoption

5-8th Grade

Why is the lesson so appealing to us?

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What possible benefits would come from using this lesson in future classrooms?

How is technology being used to access the learning?

What is the role of the teacher?

What is the role of the student?

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ISTE Standards Teachers

T 1.) Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity- Teachers must facilitate activity. Students are also required to be creative and reflective when writing about themselves. Students are also using collaborative tools.

T 2.) Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments- Students are on the computer and using different technology to write about themselves.

T 3.) Model digital age work and learning- Teacher models how to use Google Docs and how to edit papers using new technology.

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ISTE Standards Students

S 1.) Creativity and innovation- Students have to create an original work.

S 2.) Communication and collaboration- Students used Google Docs to write their work and peer-edit promoting collaboration and proper communication.

S 3.) Research and information fluency- Students had to research articles on how to write about themselves and decide which was best to use.