The Rigsby Reader 5.11.15

Updates from Room 311

Thank You

for all of the wonderful Teacher Appreciation hugs, cards, school supplies, and thoughtful gifts. It was a wonderful (heavily caffienated and chocolatey!) week. Our classroom is fully stocked on supplies for the time being :)

Dates to Remember:

    • May 11th: Field Day
    • May 14th: Puberty Talks 9-10am/10-11am
    • May 21st: Celebration of Learning Potluck
    • May 22nd-27th: Scholastic Book Fair
    • May 22nd: June 11th: EOG Testing (3rd-5th)
    • June 9th: Variety Show (2nd-5th only) from 8:30-11 am and 12:30-2 pm
    • June 10th: Kindergarten Graduation at 9 am
    • June 10th: Awards Ceremony (2nd-5th) 1 pm
    • June 11th: 5th Grade Graduation at 9 am

    Field Day Is THIS MONDAY!

    • Make sure your child is wearing comfortable shoes and clothes that they can get wet/dirty! The weather is suppose to be a high of 80, with some afternoon showers. They may want a dry set of clothes to change into after field day.
    • If your child requested a hot dog lunch, or a school lunch- it will be at Memorial Stadium waiting on them! Don't forget to pack a lunch if that was their choice.
    • Check out my favorite photo from my class last year at Field Day! I'm excited to put on the war paint with this group, as competitive as we are! I'm sure they will beat me in every event!
    Are you able to volunteer on May 11th or May 12th?

    Weekly Progress Reports

    I'll be printing weekly progress reports for every student on Fridays until the end of the quarter. This will show what assignments they are missing or should re-do.

    Hard to Recycle Just Got Easier at Claxton

    Between now and June 11th, Claxton is working with TerraCycle to collect hard to recycle items and trade them in for cash for our school. Plastic lined, color coded boxes will be placed on EACH floor and inside the front door. We strongly encourage bringing in waste from home.

    What can I recycle now that I couldn’t previously?

    · Plastic writing utensils (markers, mechanical pencils, highlighters pens, etc.)

    · Foil lined snack bar wrappers (think Cliff Bar)

    · Wine corks (both synthetic and natural)

    · Juice bag containers (Honest Kids, Capri Sun)

    · Household batteries (All alkaline, such as most flashlight batteries; lithium, such as watch and hearing aid batteries; and nickel and cadmium batteries, such as rechargeable batteries used for power tools.

    Where do I recycle my items?

    · Plastic lined, color coded boxes will be placed on EACH floor and inside the front door in the main lobby.

    · LARGE ORANGE BOXES - Plastic writing utensils, foil lined snack bar wrappers and wine corks (both synthetic and natural)

    · SMALL GREEN BOXES - Juice BAG containers ONLY. No boxes or cartons.

    · GRAY PLASTIC BUCKETS - Household batteries

    Are you following our classroom twitter? @mrskarenrigsby

    What We Are Learning

    • Reading- We are doing our final review of Fractions and Decimals. We will then move into working with word problems to find out the steps needed to solve them.
    • Math- We will be looking closely at fiction and non-fiction passages closely in our strategy groups. Answering comprehension questions and digging into new vocabulary.
    • Social Studies- Learning about how NC Was established.

    Finding Mrs. Rigsby

    If your child has a change in how they are going home- please send a note with your child or call the classroom and leave a message. I try to check my email often- but once I'm teaching, I don't stop! Please let me know how I can help your student be successful.