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empowr Influencer Newsletter

As an empowr influencer, you have the opportunity to help your favorite charities raise money and increase your earning potential at the same time.”

Since our launch in August, we have seen a staggering amount of energy, excitement, and desire to educate fans and friends on the platform's benefits. Thanks to your efforts, our user base is rapidly growing, and as it continues to grow, so does everyone's earning potential.

To provide a perspective on your earnings potential as an influencer, let’s compare the revenues of three different influencers during the week of 8/31-9/4:

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Post evenly and often to earn!

As you can see above, there is a large variance in revenue between the top, average, and lowest earning influencer. The main difference between the three influencers is that the top earners are posting content every single day to empowr – and that content is being auto-published to Twitter and/or Facebook.

By posting quality content daily, you will bring more of your followers to empowr, expanding your network and earnings, and providing others a unique opportunity to earn based on the activities they are already taking part in on other social media platforms.

Each week we will provide you with a similar update so that you can compare your success against other empowr influencers, see what exciting new things we're working on, and learn new ways to enhance your earnings potential.

Together, we aim to make empowr the go-to destination to maximize your brand exposure, and to help others around the world.

Keep posting, keep sharing, keep helping.

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