Stella&Dot Spring Summer Update

hello from Denny


Hi there to you and welcome to the spring. Weather makes such a difference to the way we feel about how we look and our wardrobes and I thought this was great time to introduce you to the trends and styles for this season from Stella&Dot. So key trends are 70's fashion still dominates with cheesecloth blouses, sheer cotton tops and wide legged bottoms!!!. Wedges as well although cardinal rule is no wedges with Capri Pants, that's from Jo Glynn Smith, retail director from Harpers magazine no less! Colour choice is yours and there is an abundance of brights which you match or clash plus lots of gorgeous pastels and sorbets. Floral influence is huge with botanical prints on almost every piece of clothing you can find. Think twice about that whole floral outfit though, next year you are going to be sick at the sight of it !! We have some stunning pieces including the Bloom Necklace for a statement and the Trellis for the most pretty floral look imaginable. Hot Cobalt Blue, Turquoise and Coral are our colours for the season and lovely they are too. Look out for the Azure tassel necklace which is semi precious stones with detachable tassel and for neutrals the Aurelia Pendant is a 4 way mother of pearl wonder x

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As always please feel free to contact me re your interest in anything Stella&Dot . There is nothing I like better than talking jewels, fun, style and opportunity