bodybuilding growth hormone Review

bodybuilding growth hormone Review 2014

bodybuilding growth hormone review

bodybuilding growth hormone

I recently read an article bodybuilding growth hormone written by PHILL CAMPBELL (USA) on the effects of exercise on the bodybuilding growth hormone in our body. Campbell is a well-known coach of distance runners, and trainer he describes this in his book SYNERGY FITNESS (Pristine Publishers). He has over 35 years of experience, and first worked in various hospitals in America, and was also NFL (American football) advisor on strength and endurance. He made the players clear that the first 10 meter sprint are most important, because you use explosive power. These are your Fast Twitch Fibers, who react quickly. Then the fibers slow in action.

Often one sees athletes or visitors of gyms longer time at a moderate pace (aerobic) steps on a treadmill or walking, the Slow Twitch Fibers used here, and the anaerobic phase of the heart muscle is not taxed. The other half (Fast twich) do not count. Campell sees no merit in this form endurance (endurance) training. Partly as a result of the examination of the cardiologist Dr. Sears, which recommends the importance of interval training, he comes to the conclusion that training the Fast Twitch Fibers and heart in the anaerobic phase, a substantial increase in the bodybuilding growth hormone arises even to 530% !! (it looks like if you got an injection of growth hormone!) This is apparently the reason that there is no test (yet) for athletes is to use growth hormone. Because bodybuilding growth hormone can also be stimulated in this way. Two hours after the workout is the effect of bodybuilding growth hormone present and working fat burning and muscle building at full speed.

The investigation of this is carried out by the University of Virginia Medical Center.
His PEAK 8 TRAINGSMETHODE stimulates bodybuilding growth hormone in a natural way, by means of anaerobic training over a short time period, a total of about 20 minutes. So not comparable with the long-term cardiovascular training, which usually produces few results. With traditional strength training and cardio you train mainly Slow Twitch Fibers, the other half are the Fast Twitch, which are underused. When ANAEROBIC TRAINING, fast and super fast fibers called, and this kind of exercise proper training of the heart muscle. This aerobic cardio workout does not.

bodybuilding growth hormone PEAK 8 FITNESS TRAINING
  • It gives preference be already sitting on the bike (recumbent bike) because the maximum number of muscles is activated here, however, can also treadmill or stationary bike in the gym.
  • We train to the maximum heart rate, but early quiet !!!
  • Especially when you're just not this kind of exercise !!! Phill Campbell recommends a slow build-up of 6 to 8 weeks.

Start with a warm up period of 3 to 5 minutes to about 60% of your maximum heart rate, then the actual cycle with a MAXIMUM effort for 30 seconds, which you reach the maximum heart rate (220-age), it starts is best to measure it with a heart meter, because this heart rate remain difficult to measure by hand. The first 15 sec. usually go easy, the last 15 seconds are the hardest.
10 sec. after this effort you measure again the heart rate and heart rate goes down again.
After 30 seconds MAXIMUM effort follows 90 seconds REST, after another effort MAXIMUM of 30 seconds on the bike, and 90 seconds REST.

This cycle is then repeated 7x, (total 8x) therefore the name PEAK 8. Then follows the end of a cool down for a few minutes at 50-70% of your ability.


Through 24-hour urine test detected HUGE RISE bodybuilding growth hormone, together with extra fat burning and muscle volume increase (after you realize that 30 years old is already a decline of bodybuilding growth hormone in the body)
It is also advised not to use sugars or carbohydrates in the first two hours after exercise, as these inhibit the production of Growth Hormone (sugars give stimulation of somastatine, which inhibits growth hormone production)
Can be up to 25 gr. protein drink after training. No either Carbohydrate is a debatable topic, you are eg a cyclist, then I would add carbohydrates after training. But you're out on maximum production of growth hormone, then no carbs the first two hours. Also, remember that the maximum fat burning takes place the first two hours after training.
But BEGIN SLOWLY with eg two series, and run it slowly.
Do NOT do this every day, but about 2x, 3x per week maximum, because you overload your body. By the way if you tapped into going to the maximum heart, you can not apply this training form every day.

bodybuilding growth hormone OVERVIEW:

  • Warming up 2 to 3 minutes
  • For 30 seconds, very intensive cycling, you can no longer maintain a second more.
  • 90 seconds rest.
  • In total 8x repeat
If you are not trained good start quiet with 2 or 2 repetitions and build very slowly.
Take 2 gr. L Glutamine for training, preferably on an empty stomach. Glutamine provides stimulation of growth hormone. L-Arginine and ornithine may be added, this would block somastatine.
Respiratory rate and heart rate increase, also creates a lack of oxygen and muscle burn feeling (lactic acid) and more perspiration. The higher the anaerobic phase, the greater the incentive for the production of growth hormone in a natural way.
Drink plenty of water.