What's News at Magee?

September 4, 2020 - Important Updates

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I came across this picture and it spoke to me. It spoke to me because even in the time at home last year I caught myself thinking about how bad this was pretty often, and consciously changing my thoughts to the positives that were happening both professionally and personally. While I think we can all agree, nothing about the 20-21 school year is ideal there is awesomeness yet to unfold if we LOOK FOR IT! Look for the ways our children are growing in directions they may not have before - fishing, kayaking, creating, building, adapting, persevering, thinking flexibly - and applying it all in real life! We will emerge from this and we can choose how we frame this for ourselves and our children. Let's all keep on looking for the awesomeness of what is yet to come!

First Week and Soft Start

Through our Soft Start this week, teachers have had the opportunity to build relationships with learners and our learners have eased back in to the new way school looks. This time was priceless and filled the heart of every staff member. Seeing the smiles on the faces of learners outside and in the lunchroom was so wonderful!

We look forward to next week and having all of our face to face learners in the building! We have tweaked some procedures, so please be patient with us as we work through things at 100% next week!

Have a great holiday weekend!

AM Drop Off

Please be sure that you are using the cross walk when walking your child up to school. Even though K-2 students enter a different door, it is the safest for everyone to use the cross walk. Also, please remember to wear a mask when you are walking your child up as we cannot ensure 6 ft physical distancing even though we are outside.

Students may not be dropped off early and wait in the lobby or in front of the school. Please walk students over at the 8:15am bell or drive through car drop off.

Please remember to drive SLOWLY when going around the school. There are a few blind corners and we want everyone to stay safe.

After School Pick Up Updates

We were able to make a few adjustments to our after school pick up this week. The picture below illustrates the changes. Students will be loaded into cars at door N4 (in red on the map) giving parents space to pull ahead to finish buckling before leaving the school parking lot.

A staff member will be at the back of the school (E1) entering family names into a spreadsheet. Please have your car tag ready to be seen. Please email Mrs. Doome (doomeb@kmsd.edu) if you need more tags.

We will also begin dismissing car pick up students at 3:15 PM. Pick up will be a window of time from 3:15PM-until finished, which we hope to be by 3:45PM. These adjustments make a positive impact on our traffic flow and hopefully avoid back ups on to Hwy. 83. We will have 100+ cars in our pick up line each day, the need to be both accurate and efficient is paramount.

THANK YOU for your cooperation and understanding!

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Communication from Magee

Communication from the office will look a bit different this year. You will continue to get a weekly update from Magee. This will replace the E-Messenger. It will also be posted on our website. IF you have opted out, please opt back in, THANKS!

In addition to the weekly news, you will get a monthly newsletter from Mrs. Sterner.

The "Normal" of 20-21 - Quarantine

We are excited to welcome your children to their learning environment, whether face-to-face or distance learning, for the coming year. We know this year already looks and feels different, beginning with our Soft Start for K-5 and a bevy of safety precautions we have implemented. But, it is still the first day and first week of school. And, for some students and teachers, it will be their first-ever experiences in Kettle Moraine School District. We have worked extremely hard to prepare for this week and the months ahead - we cannot wait to see our students!

There are several mitigation strategies we have in place to help slow the spread of the virus and keep our schools open. Quarantine is one of those mitigation strategies. It is used to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. People who have close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 or who have potential COVID-19 symptoms are quarantined as a precautionary measure. We expect quarantining, whether it’s a student or staff member, will happen intermittently throughout the school year.

If your child’s teacher becomes quarantined, she/he will be teaching remotely using Google Meet until the quarantine expires. If your child is in face-to-face learning, there will be a guest teacher to facilitate instruction and classroom management during the quarantine period. We are being very cautious to ensure we are keeping our schools open to the greatest extent possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Infinite Campus

If you have older students, you might have noticed the ability to log your child's attendance in Infinite Campus rather than calling in. At the elementary level we ARE NOT utilizing this function and will continue using our attendance lines, emails and calls. We will continue to connect with you personally. THANK YOU for your understanding!
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Mask Stamina

It was very impressive this week how students wore their masks with very few issues. If wearing a mask is new to your child, please continue to work on wearing it for longer periods of time. In addition, as students are getting used to wearing their masks, please continue to work with them about not touching the mask and keeping it over their noses. If the mask is doing its job, there are germs on the outside.

THANK YOU! The better we are at this mitigation strategy, the safer we all are in the building.