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April 18, 2018

SOL Preparations

We’re quickly approaching “that time of the year” again. If you’re a teacher with a computer cart in your room, you have the added responsibility of ensuring your cart is properly maintained - that computers are in the appropriate slots, they’re plugged in, the cart is locked when not in use, and that service requests are being put in to keep the cart devices in good working order. Also, you have to the responsibility of making sure students are following acceptable practices in using the devices - carrying the computers in a three-point hold (both hands pulled in against their torso), that they’re not accessing inappropriate web content, that they’re starting up and shutting down the devices appropriately.

We all must be diligent in making sure devices are prepped for SOL testing.

Click here to review RPS policies and procedures in regard to cart usage.

Please make sure that computers are being used a few days a week and being shut down to receive updates. There are some changes to TestNav8 that will require updates.

As we head into the final stretch, it's time to ensure our students are comfortable with the test format. To that end, I'm including the link to my schedule. Please take a moment, look at your plans for the two weeks and find a time slot that works for you (Bellevue- Fri. / Fairfield- Mon. & Thurs. / Stuart- Wed.). This time should be when you have your students so that I can help them get acclimated to tools in TestNav8. It will be a great opportunity for you to help students with the test-taking strategies you've been working on with them as well.

Earth Day/Week

Want your students to know more about Earth Day? Check out this hyperdoc you can use in your classroom to get your students in the know about Earth Day and why it is important. Earth Day is April 22nd, which is a Saturday, but you can still utilize some class time to inform your students about its importance.

Please note that there are some changes you would have to make, especially if you intend on using a Padlet like the creator, Karen Trivino, has done.

From Jonathan Kenneth, ITRT

Personalize Your PD

Nearpod Tips

Nearpod has partnered with iCivics to provide resources to support the facilitation of healthy conversations about civic engagement. These lessons are FREE for the month of April! Please feel free to share the great news!

Click here to view all lessons included.

From Sarah Webster, ITRT

SOL Help and TEI Resources

Hopefully, your students have already had lots of practice completing assessments online with Powerschool and other online tools. You may have noticed by now our students have a more difficult time answering TEI questions than standard multiple choice questions. To that end, we've gathered some resources to help strengthen those skills!

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Keep checking back as these pages will be updated regularly. New SOL Level Up Challenge will be posted soon! Be on the lookout!

SMART Corner

This SMART notebook 17 playlist includes 4 videos that will walk you through how to use many of the tools and features of SMART Notebook 17 if you want to make your own extra special presentations.

11 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Your SMART board - SMART boards are versatile and do not require the use of SMARTnotebook to be used. Check out these tips and tricks that can really help you save time in planning and in implementation.

Remember, you don't have to use SMART Notebook with your SMART board. You can interact with any website or another program as long as the board is plugged into your computer. You can also use the SMART Notebook with a regular board and a wireless mouse!

Having Computer or Connectivity Issues?

Many RPS educators have had difficulty connecting to the internet since Spring Break. If you restart your computer and you are still having any problems at all, call or email ICTS. They know these issues are far-reaching, but they won't know you are having issues if you don't let them know. These problems will not simply work themselves out. It's not your computer. It's not your kids. It's not you. It's an ICTS fix.

You can call the ICTS service desk at 780.7880 OR to email the service desk (servicedesk@rvaschools.net).

When calling the service desk, these are your options:

Option 1 - password, software/hardware support (for MOST of your particular needs)

Option 2 - e-copy services

Option 3 - ASPEN team & help

Option 4 - RICOH printer services

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Natalie Davis, ITRT

I'm Natalie Davis, an ITRT in Richmond, VA. I taught first, second, and third graders in Richmond for 12 years before becoming an ITRT. I truly enjoy finding useful ways to breathe new life into lessons by integrating technology to help students achieve their learning goals. I am passionate about closing the digital divide by teaching our children to be consumers and creators of technology.