Scorpion Fish

BY: A'San Hollis


  • the scorpion fish belongs to Scorpaenidae
  • Stone fish, and Lion fish also belong in the same phylum of the scorpion fish
  • three four - stranded anti-parrel sheets
  • creates vacuum and quickly suck it's prey in it's mouth
  • yes it breathes through it's gills


  • They wait for spring or early summer they travel up to 220 miles to meet their mate.they gather on the ocean floor during day and at night they raise to the surface
  • it can camouflage with its enviorment
  • they lay their eggs in a clear or greenish, gelatinous walls of hallow pear-shaped sacks
  • yes it has a brain it lets its nervous system know when to camouflage, swim, how to eat

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