All About Keyla Rangel

All About Me

Ten Things About Me

  1. I am shy
  2. I like to be alone
  3. I love animals
  4. My favorite colors are black, red and white
  5. I like to draw
  6. I love music
  7. I like to play football
  8. I love to cook
  9. I have two dogs
  10. I like horror movies

My Most Embarrasing Moment

When I was in my cousin's quinceñera we were all dancing a really fast song and I had some heels on and the floor was slippery. While we were dancing I had slipped and fell infront of the audience and everyone had started laughing at me.

Some Pictures To Share

Strange Questions I Have Been Asked

Weird questions

  1. Are you sure you're a 9th grader?
  2. Why are you shorter than an 11 year old?
  3. Why do you look older than your sister?