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Does Your Life have Any Spontaneity Left?

India is the fourth most vacation deprived nation globally, with 65% of Indians saying they feel very or somewhat vacation deprived, and 20% saying they are very vacation deprived, says the 2015 Vacation Deprived study by Expedia, a full service online travel website. Are you also someone with the need for a vacation long overdue but have shrugged it off because of your job or other responsibilities? If yes, then maybe it’s time to be spontaneous. We often forget to treat ourselves and sit back and enjoy life in this race to achieve our next big target, whether it is a house or a car. Break the monotony and bring some fun back into your life. Your job will continue, your children’s school will continue but with passing time, your energy will diminish. Travel gives you the best opportunity to bring back the lost spontaneity in your life. Book flights online today and experience the thrill.

Bring Back the Fun, Bring Back the Thrill

Making random travel plans is not just about being spontaneous but about that smile on your child’s face, it’s about spending days with your family without having to worry about the office. It is an opportunity to make memories with your loved ones.

A planned itinerary makes travelling simple but taking spontaneous trips will take you places and give you experiences you had never imagined. When you are making such plans, chances are a travel company might not be able to fix you an itinerary and you will be on your own. But that is actually a blessing in disguise because it lets you experience the beauty of a place at your own pace. You will meet strangers who could become friends. You would try things as they come, whether it is trekking or soaking in the sun.

If you can work out leave from work, that is great. If not, take your best bet on the next long weekend. Open the map and explore. You can book flight tickets within minutes, either through the airline’s website or through travel websites that offer the same. Make sure to select round trips when you book flights online to save money. You can also club hotel and airline bookings to save money. Some airlines also offer discounts if you book through a certain credit card. Make sure to check all discounts and special offers on the airline’s website. Also, subscribe to your preferred airline’s newsletter to stay updated about discounts and offers.