Lonely For Mom

By Stephanie

Stephanie is not a very known poet or a poet who has written many poems, but she had to say was that she wrote this poem when her mother died in the 9/11 attack, when Stephanie was only 17 years old.
There was one a person who made me feel safe
held my hand when I began to fall from grace

This person was my mother she's the one I miss
she brought me love and endless happiness

On November 11th 2001 you died leaving me all alone,
oh God how I cried

Why did you have to go please tell me why?
now I have to drink and do drugs just to get by

I wish you were here mom I miss you so much
no one even knows what I would give for just one touch

Why does everyone else get to have there moms near
do they know I'd give anything to have my mother here?

I'm sad and lost mom will you help me find my way?
will you get rid of the tears I cry each day?

I know the answer and the answer is no
cause for me to move on I have to let you go

Mom I love you and thank you for all you did for me
and I hope someday I make you proud for whatever comes to be

For all those that have a mother please hold her tight
and never say you hate her even when you fight

For you never know when she might have to go
and the pain that it brings ..... I hope you never have to know!!