Of Mice and Men

Grant Mitchell

Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck is a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone. I liked this book because it was short and had a very different kind of characters that keep the story going. The only thing I disliked in the book would have to be the language.


When two very unalike men, George and Lennie, get off a bus to go to their new job at a ranch we find out that Lennie is a large man that has a mental disability, and George is a small, define, impatient man. And when they get to the ranch they meet many new characters. One night Lennie breaks the ranch owners sons hand just like he kills the mice he pets. The next night George and a few of the guys go into town, but Lennie stays and kills his puppy. After he kills his puppy he tries to cover it up just as Curlys wife walks in and sees him, then they start to talk and Lennie starts to pet her hair so she tries to pull away and Lennie gets scared and chokes her to death. So he runs away and when George gets back he has to find him. He found him where he told him to go in the brush by a river and kills him.