All about Adriana Rosales

All about me

Ten Things About Me...

  1. My name is Adriana Rosales.
  2. I am 14 years old.
  3. My birthday is in July 24.
  4. I like to sing and love to dance.
  5. In my free time I enjoy reading and sometimes writing.
  6. I have grown up in various cities due to my father's job.
  7. I love candy.
  8. I love music.
  9. I dislocated my knee a while back (very painful).
  10. I have an older sister and a younger brother.

My Most Embarassing Moment

My friends and I were having lunch and because we were laughing so hard, I knocked over my cup of water right smack in the middle of my thighs. We tried to dry it up but really only made it worse. I had to walk around school with my pants wet and people teased me about it nonstop.

Strange Questions I've Been Asked...

  • Is that your natural hair?
  • Why are you so tall?