Dear Madame Direction

mattie buist solving love problems :)


Dear Madame Direction, I have read your column for years but i never thought id write to you. Ive tried going to meetings for "Women Who Love Too Much" but im still hurting. So I thought you might be able to help me. My problem is that the guy i love dosent want to be in the same room with me. I think he may even be scared of me. I always follow him around and stuff though. But what sucks the most is that hes in love with my beautiful best friend. I cant blame him but why do the guys always go after the pretty ones huh?? Why am i not pretty enough for him ?

sincerley ,

Not Good Enough


Dear Not Good Enough,

thanks for the letter! I definitley think your in a carzy love triangle! But luckily i got this! Im hope my letter helps you!

One peice of advice is simple, make him jeaulouse with this new guy. Your "friend" might get mad but at least youll make him jeaulouse and if not hey! you have a new guy!

Another possible choice is to kidnap him! After all ; hed be forced to spend time with you, hed forget about your friend, and after spending time with you he may love you again. On the down side someone may find out and you can face jail time.But hey! at least for a while hes yours !

Well whatever happens just know if anyone asks where you got your advice i was not apart of this! oh! and i have a 50$ fee! thanks and best of luck !