Warren Elementary Monthly Update

June 2021

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From the Principal

Warren families,

Only 4 more days left of our school year! We are so thankful to be ending the year all together, five days a week. Despite it being an atypical ending to the school year there has been a lot of laughter and joy. Our school-wide BBQ and field day were a great success. Our Warren family is one of a kind (and I am not even a little bit biased!).

Students can access their CLEVER accounts during the summer and will have access to iReady and other programs. However, there is not an expectation that our students access their CLEVER accounts during the summer. Our students have worked extremely hard this school year. We are so proud of their growth and their dedication to their education. My hope is that our students spend their summer laughing, climbing trees, using their imagination, jumping in mud puddles, reading books in tents, playing board games, fishing, building forts, designing sidewalks with chalk, and so much more.

I will be in touch in August regarding student class placements and beginning of school year events. Until then, stay well and enjoy the long days.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer,

Mrs. Wilkins

Cookies and Check-Out ~ Summer library hours

June 30 and July 28 students will have the opportunity to checkout books and eat cookies from 4-6. We hope to see you! Mrs. Marshall will send reminders on DOJO.
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Transportation Questions

If you are trying to register for transportation or have any questions related to bussing, please click on the link below.

Celebrate a Warren staff member~ Click the link below to share briefly why a Warren staff members has had a positive influence on your child/family

Warren Celebrates Mrs. Kuntz for Nurse's Day

The Warren School family is so grateful to have Mrs. Kuntz caring for its families and students during this pandemic year! We feel blessed to have her on our team!
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Summer SACC Information

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Summer 2021 Free Meal Program


Here is the last newsletter for distance meal service this year. Please fill in each of the weeks if you are going to pick up meals during the next 5 weeks. We want to thank everyone that has been patient with us through this very confusing and difficult times. We have tried our best to meet the needs of so many families. I want to also point out that our last day for meal service will be June 9th, but our FREE summer meals program will be starting that Monday the 14th. Please look for the summer meals flyer coming out very soon. We will be offering several different meal service plans and locations around Helena and the valley. If you have any questions, please contact us 324-2570.

DLMD Week 5/7-5/11

DLMD Week 5/12-5/18

DLMD Week 5/19-5/25

DLMD Week 5/26-6/8

DLMD Week 6/9-6/13


Robert Worthy

General Manager

Sodexo School Services

Helena Public Schools

T: 406 324 2512

Mb: 406 461 3792



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Isaac Cohn 6/5

Campbell Szymanski 6/5

Wyatt Franklin 6/7

Ellee Schleining 6/7

Keigan Meshell 6/8

Laurelle Brenimer 6/9

Julius Rodriguez 6/10

Haydyn Edwards 6/10

Gavin Kynett 6/11

Jennifer Quinlivan 6/11

Kyra Fisher 6/12

Shayla Salminen 6/12

Ryder Jackson 6/13

Tatymm Frey 6/13

Kate Downing 6/14

Hannah Hand 6/16

Presley Fullerton 6/16

Kooper Ricks 6/18

Lucas Carroll 6/19

Link Ferrell 6/19

Braiden Beskoon 6/20

Owen Woodward 6/20

Athena Menth 6/21

Isabella Hartford 6/21

Ava Ellwein 6/22

Sam Woodward 6/24

Leela Morris 6/24

Solomon Rutherford 6/25

Jacqueline Bogden 6/26

Aiden Hoy 6/27

Cidney Burkhartsmeyer 6/28

Aryn Anderson 6/29

Madison Grant 6/30

Serenity Menth 6/30

Arydia Rose 6/30

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Athena Harris 7/1

Delia Ratley 7/1

Rex Snezek 7/3

Phillip LaMere 7/4

Hallie O'Leary 7/4

Brandon Brien 7/4

Jacob Brien 7/4

Skyler Taylor 7/7

Blaine Cohn 7/8

Leah Kocher 7/8

Nikola Springett 7/17

Arabella Ferrell 7/18

Brecken Mayhew 7/18

Maria Vaca 7/20

Charlee Morris 7/22

Bobby Morris 7/22

Aspyn Bantz 7/23

Anna Gondeiro 7/23

Madox Horton 7/24

Luna Tate 7/28

Carter Parr 7/29

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Braylen Johnson 8/3

Harylnn Kelman 8/4

Ava Blair 8/8

Sharlise Hill 8/10

AJ Keller 8/11

Etney Murphy 8/12

Kingslen Warburton 8/12

Riley Brown 8/14

Lyla Zitnik 8/16

Jane Wunderlich 8/16

Alayna Scott 8/18

Kate Nose 8/20

Caybree Petty 8/22

Emberley DeMers 8/22

Aiden Elliott 8/22

Jahnia Bodlovic 8/22

Keygen Eidum 8/22

Zoey Bogden 8/22

Avrianna Clark 8/23

Kambria Taylor 8/29

Levi Linz 8/30

Davina High 8/30


"W" is for Western Day!!

Mrs. Ralph and Mrs. Tabaracci's classes enjoy their own rodeo.

Mrs. Tabaracci's class practices 3-D math, enjoying the snow making snow spheres.

Kindergarten Egg Drop Experiment

Warren Field Day 2021

Our talented PE teachers, Mrs. Day and Mr. Beaver, planned a hugely successful Field Day to celebrate Warren students and the beautiful weather. Thank you to all who helped the students enjoy their day!


Warren School BBQ

A special thank you for Miss Deanna and Miss MJ as well as Robert Worthy for all of their hard work and planning for our successful School BBQ!!

Book Club

The 4th and 5th graders finished their optional 'Esperanza Rising' book club, which was in collaboration with the Lewis and Clark public library 'Big Read' program.

4th and 5th graders worked together to make this book bento while we made pinatas. ~ Mrs. Marshall, Warren Librarian

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June 9- Last day of school- Noon release

Aug 26 - Open House 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Aug 30 - First Day of School Grades 1-5

Sept 2 - First Day of School for Kindergarten

Community Announcements

Flishing Clinic Invitation

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Carroll College Boy's Basketball Camps

Cohesion Summer Dance Opportunities

YMCA Summer Programs

Warren Elementary #WarrenStrong

Warren universals: kind, honest, safe, respectful, and responsible.