English 1

By. Anthony Marasco - Ms.Halusek - English 1


This year all of my classes will prepare me for my future years of school. And What I learned this year in school will help me through the rest of it and into the future.


The text I picked was the scarlet Ibis this story is about a boy who is born with a disabilty and his family doesn't think he will make it. I like this story because it tells how his family wanted him to be normal but he just wasn't . "Aw come on doodle “I urged.” You can do it do you want to be different from everybody else in school"(Hurst 70). This story made me think about that maybe people don't care if they're differnt.


My first goal is I can do MLA Format correctly. This will help me in school and my career because You can write good essays in college and for a job.

My second goal was I can write a proper works cited page and use proper citations.This will help me in future classes because you will always need a works cited and you need quotes to make a good essay if you writing about a book.

Essentail question

My essentail question was how does the authors message change your views around the world. The authors message can make you think of people's fears and hopes. The book that goes with this is night because the author is very good at making you think about what it would be like to be in his position in his book."When I woke up it was daylight that’s when I remember that I had a father during the alert I had filled the mob not taking care of him I knew he was running out of strength close to death and yet I abended him"(Weasel 109).


My one righting example was my summary and it was the firt thing I wrote this year. And If you look at the last thing I wrote you can see the improvement.


Ive grown because I have learned more and became a better learner throught the year.


This year has prepared me for future classes and for my future outside of school
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Work Cited

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