VCR Lesson 6

Iliana Milich

Fill in the blank with the best word from lesson 6

The woman has _______, which makes her have outrageous fears of becoming sick with the flu, malaria, ebola, and polio, even though she has received shots for all of them.

The Word

Hypochondria (n.)

A psychological disorder characterized by the illusory conviction that one is ill or in pain, or likely to become so.

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Its Roots

hypo (G.) "under", "beneath"

khondros (G.) "cartilege"



near synonyms:

anxious, uneasy, concerned


There are no direct antonyms, but some close antonyms are:

normal, euphoric, relaxed, well

Choose the sentence that uses the bold-faced word incorrectly

A. My roommate was a hypochondriac who wore a facial mask to avoid inhaling germs.

B. The hypochondriac does not realize his doctor is giving him sugar pills for his imaginary ailments.

C. My sister is a hypochondriac and is constantly getting sick because of it.

D. Timmy is a hypochondriac, therefore he always travels with unnecessary medications.

The answer

The correct answer is C. Being a hypochondriac does not make one sick, therefore the girl who is getting sick is not a result of her being a hypochondriac.