Road to Revolution

The events that lead to Americas Revolution


Have you ever wondered what events sparked the American Revolution? It was a number of separate events that had a domino effect and ended in one ultimatum.

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was a law passed by the British Parliament that stated all colonists had to pay tax on all paper goods. It was the first attempt by the British to make money of the colonies. They were trying to raise money to pay their debt from the French and Indian war.

Important Events

The Start of The War

Lexington and Concord

General Gage of the British Army planned to send soldiers to Lexington to capture patriot leaders Sam Adams and John Hancock on April 19,1775. He then planned to send them to Concord to steal gunpowder. His plans were foiled however by colonial spies. This was when the storied ride by Paul Revere took place. The tale goes he rode on horseback along the countryside warning colonists that the British were coming.

Key Collaborations

Daughters of Liberty

The term Daughters of Liberty refers to woman patriots of any social class. The Sons and Daughters of Liberty were formed in response to the British passing the Stamp Act. The Daughters of Liberty were known to use many different techniques to get tax collectors to leave town. They would ransack and search British officers' houses. While the Sons of Liberty did more of the field work the Daughters of Liberty were responsible for continuing the boycott of British goods. The daughters also wouldn't take interest in a man unless he supported the patriot cause. Even though some might remember the Sons and Daughters of Liberty as a band of thugs they played a big role in the revolution and were very important to obtaining our freedom.


The Militia and the Minutemen often confused as the same thing, but were different. The Militia were men who were armed and protected their towns. Minutemen were an elite form of Militia usually 25 years or younger. They were picked for their attitude and strength. The Militia was established in 1645 and was a big part of the French and Indian War. By the time the revolution was happening the Militia/Minutemen were well trained. There was no central leadership and were loyal to their town. The Minutemen were a big part of the battle of Bunker Hill. Some Minutemen were better trained then parts of the actual military.


In conclusion I hope you learned something you didn't know about the American Revolution. It was comprised of many different events. Without just one of these events the outcome may be very different. The key collaborations also played a big part of expressing the colonists feelings towards the British's unjust taxation.

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