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Sunday October 11, 2020

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Attendance Matters in Distance Learning

Teachers and the school office are keeping track of attendance for our Gators! Make on-line attendance a daily habit. If you think your child will be absent, please call the ATTENDANCE HOTLINE at (925) 682-8000 ext. 7042 Include your student's name, teacher, and reason for absence. Please call everyday before 9:30 AM If you cannot call, please email Lisa at to report the absence. Thank you!

Attendance Codes for 2020/2021 Distance Learning

P = Student present for class

4 = Student participated in an online activity

3 = Student/guardian/parent engaged in 2 way communication with Teacher

6 = Services received

MDUSD Transfer Window:

The MDUSD Transfer window for students who are currently enrolled in Grades 5-11 will be open October 15, 2020 - November 15, 2020 for more information click this link


It is important for all parents to have a HomeLink account set up especially with distance learning this year. This is how the district office distributes information to families. All parents will be receiving their homelink login information in the next week. They are being sent via USPS. Your letter has instructions on how to create your account. You can also Click here to begin!

Join our ELAC

What is ELAC?

English Learner Advisory Committee. ELAC provides parents of English learners a place to exercise their right and collaborate with other school site parents and staff. The main purpose of ELAC is to advise the school on:

1. The school’s program for English Learners

2. The development of the Single School Plan for student achievement

3. The school’s annual language census

4. Efforts on the importance of daily school attendance for academic success

Who can be an ELAC member?

ELAC meetings are open to the public. The percentage of parents of English learners on the committee must be at least the same as that of ELs at the school. Membership includes parents, staff, and community members. All parents of EL students are encouraged to participate.


  • The ELAC must elect a representative to the DELAC (District English Learner Advisory Committee)
  • Meet virtually Monthly


Click Here

Ms. Koontz's Virtual Read Alouds Volume 2

I have enjoyed reading stories to our students! I hope they enjoy t hem too!

MDUSD Elementary Parent Info Page

Click here for resources for parents.

Gator Recipe Book

We are creating a Gregory Gardens Recipe Book. Add your favorite recipe here!

Looking Ahead


October 22- Coffee With Koontz 6pm Meeting ID: 782 979 2149, Passcode: 997890

October 23- Gator Bite Form needs to be completed

October 26- SSC Meeting 3pm Meeting ID: 782 979 2149, Passcode: 997890

October 29- Mountain Mikes Dine and Donate 11am-10pm

October 30-Mountain Mikes Dine and Donate 11am-10pm

October 30-Materials Pick up Day 7:30- 3:30

October 31- Halloween- Students are invited to wear their costumes to class


November 11- Veteran's Day- NO SCHOOL

November 20- Materials Pick Up Day 7:30- 3:30

November 23-27- Fall Break-NO SCHOOL


December 18- Materials Pick up Day 7:30- 3:30

December 21- January 4- Winter Break

January 29- Materials Pick Up Day 7:30-3:30

Gator Bites Are Back

Our PBIS team is excited to roll out our Distance Learning Gator Bite Reward System! The team has been working hard to create a system that is efficient and mindful of each child's unique needs. With the help of PTA we have revamped our existing program.

Week of October 18- Parents and students should be on the look out for the Gator Bite Form! This will be posted as an assignment in your child's Seesaw or Google Classroom. Forms MUST be completed by Friday October 23 to ensure your item is ready for pick up day.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Of our 359 students 110 identify as Hispanic or Latino. 30%

indigenous people's day october 12

Columbus Day is around the corner, and while many schools and municipalities have changed the name to “Indigenous Peoples' Day,” many children will go to school next Monday and learn In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And this story — this one-sided story — will set them up to have a mainstream understanding of history, a history told from the perspective of the colonists, a history that celebrates Columbus, a history that erases the indigenous people who lived here. Click here to keep reading.

Veteran's Day Project

Gregory Gardens has a long tradition of thanking the veterans by decorating the Veteran’s Day lunch gathering at Denny’s with student-made projects. As the in-person veteran gathering will not be possible this year, we are exploring other ways to show our gratitude. If you would like to have your students participate, they can create a picture, a letter, or another project to thank the veterans and have their families drop these projects off at our next student materials pick up day on October 30. You can also have families send a note of gratitude. We are looking into mailing these to the veterans, having them decorate the veterans’ office, or having them in the background of a virtual veteran gathering. Another possibility is to have your class hold up their projects and take a screenshot on Zoom. Thank you for helping us continue our important tradition.

What's Happening in 2020

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Big picture


Amazon Wishlists

Mrs. Miller is looking for new books to add to her 4th grade library

Mrs. Hagstrom would like to add these titles to her classroom library


We have exciting news! After a lot of discussion, we have put together a few things we hope you will be excited about. Click the link below for information on:

*Scholastic Book Fair Information

* Hispanic Heritage Month

* 3rd Annual Read a Thon Information

* A Look Ahead – Proposed Calendar of Events

* Box Tops

* Mountain Mikes Dine n Donate

All of this was also sent home with your school materials Friday. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to either message us through Facebook or email us at

Thank you Gators!

PTA Google Drive

Your one stop shop for all things PTA.... Be in the KNOW!

Superintendent Friday Letter 10/9

Greetings All Staff,
The latest has been published with the following headlines:
  • Superintendent Maintains Weekly Organizational Update
  • Free Meals Where You Need Them: District Fleet to Run Food Distribution Routes
  • With 7 Minutes, You Can Greatly Help District Programs
  • It's Official: MDUSD is Eat REAL Certified
  • Free Flu Shots: MDAE to Host Drive-Thru Clinic
  • Parent E-Training Continues
  • Let Your Voice Count - Register to Vote
  • Local Girl Scout Troop Surprises District 4th Graders
  • COVID-19 Testing and Free Flu Shots
  • "Ladies First" Choir (CHS) Helps Celebrate WWII Vet

What's Happening Around MDUSD

2020-21 Academic Calendar

Oct. 12- 6:00 PM Board Meeting

Oct. 26- 6:00 PM Board Meeting

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