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20-21 School Year Planning

I am sure everyone is aware by now that we will be staring the 20-21 school year virtually. While this is all still throwing us for a loop, I want you to know we are planning on a phenomenal school year however we get to be with our students. In the upcoming weeks I will be sending communication to keep you up to speed. Sometimes there will be a lot of information to share, other times not so much, but I want to stay in touch and for you to stay in touch with me as questions, concerns and ideas come up. I do not have all the answers, but together we do have the answers and we will make this a great school year for all of our children. This newsletter is more a check in, sharing updates with more to follow. I appreciate your patience and allowing us the time to plan to do our very best for our students.

What will the school year look like?

This is a question that we are still grappling with. How do we bring what we do at Lovett into a virtual world? So far, we are planning on the following:

· Instructional Day: The instructional Day will be 7:30-3:00, however it does not mean that students will be online during this entire time.

· Daily live morning meetings: this is a morning check in and setting the stage for the day. This is also an opportunity for team building and addressing student social needs, and morning announcements.

· Daily live instruction-we absolutely will have daily live instruction where the teacher will deliver a live mini-lesson teaching skills and concepts. Students would then have a practice activity to apply what they have learned. The daily schedule will be consistent for each grade level.

· Weekly small group instruction-Every week students would have an opportunity to meet in small group with their teacher for live small group instruction. This could be digging deeper into a concept, correcting misunderstandings, or extending the concept. This gives teachers an opportunity to teach to a student's needs. This is a part of our norm weekly structure at Lovett and how we are able to identify specific student needs

· Weekly live time to check in with the teacher during office hours-beyond the weekly lessons and small group, students would have an open time where they can access their teacher live online. This is a time for questions, clarifying misunderstanding and checking in with the teacher as needed.

· Weekly schedule for Fine Arts-Our goal is for our virtual schedule to follow our weekly ancillary schedule: 2 day so music, 2 days of PE and 1 day of art. These would also be live lessons in whole and small group

· We will coordinate a supply pick up day before the start of school.

Grade Reporting during virtual learning

During virtual learning, teachers will take two grades/week in all core subjects. Each week teachers will input grades and grades will be visible on Parent Connect. Unlike the spring, grades will be taken weekly and will count toward promotion or retention. If you are not registered on Parent Connect, I highly encourage you to register.

During the 20-21 school year and beyond, HISD has elected to move all k-12 to a 6 week grading period. This is important as the time is shortened from the 9 weeks grading cycle that we have been used to at the elementary level. It will be important that your students stay on top of submitting assignments on time.

Meet the Teacher/Open House/Class Placement Notification

We are still finalizing dates for meet the teacher and Open House. These dates will be announced in the next few weeks. Our Goal is to notify families of their child's teacher during the week of August 24th. We realize that waiting is hard, but we appreciate your patience.

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